Claymation at its Finest

In “Beware of Rugs” by animator Sikri, a monster named Simon accumulates some bad karma over time due to his interest in Taxidermy and Persian rugs and revenge is sought after him. “Beware of Rugs” took two years to make, and Sikri is just getting started with trailbraziling the animation field. An aspiring animator and current high schooler from New Jersey, she has been practicing fine arts for 10 years, Sikri hopes to study animation in college, while also continuing to pursue her other passions such as double bass and jazz music. Sikri discusses her inspiration and artistic process for the creation of this unique film with MultiMag, as well as her journey with animation and art.


How did you first become interested in animation?

I have always been interested in animation ever since I started watching cartoons. I love the idea of entertaining people and making them laugh through hand-made art, but also how people can just give you a pat on the back after years and years of work. This may seem cruel, but I like the idea of putting in your best effort for it to be unnoticed or not equally appreciated. There’s some beauty in that – like Schubert, not noticed till death. I have been making my own animations since I was 13. I am a huge fan of stop motion and claymation, just because it does take large amounts of effort. I started by making cute little paper stop motions and then moved on to 2D computer animation to claymation.


How did you get the idea for “Beware of Rugs”?

The idea for “Beware of Rugs” came from a dream and till this date I do not remember the dream. Even though I was half asleep I managed to draw a sketch. When I woke up the next morning I had no idea what I drew and just dismissed it. As I went to school I saw a guy named Foster wearing an intricate shirt with Persian ornamentals on it. At that moment I was reminded of the dream and quickly jotted down “murderous Persian rug.” It took me about a year to thoroughly develop the idea and finally come up with the storyline of what it is today. It is inspired by the evil that manifests in life, and how through goodness and art and beauty you can defeat any evil that infests your beautiful life. The answer to all is art.


What was your process for making this film?

My process of the film was firstly set design. Throughout the film process I was not really sure how I would do it, but I knew I just had to start set design as a thought about the film. Everyday I spent redesigning miniature couches, or painting miniature persian rugs. I actually handmade everything except for the boat, one of the small persian rugs hanging on the wall, and the mink skull. This set design process took majority of the film. As one set was done I would start filming the scene on my iPhone 6. My process was build, film, deconstruct, repeat till the whole thing was done. It only took two years for 3 minutes but I am happy it is done.


Do you have any upcoming projects that you are working on?

Painting and fine art are things that are always constantly being made in my life. I am currently working on an EP with jazz, funk, Hindu-Islamic, homosexual and hip-hop influences. I am not sure when it will drop. Another project of mine is a fashion line and show which will be shown in the summer of 2018. I like to work on all different types of projects so I never get bored and so my hands are constantly working. Also so I can constantly test my limits to what I can do with my body, mind, and brain. This will definitely not be the last time you’ll see my work.


What are some of the goals you hope to achieve in this field?

I hope to make beautiful hand drawn animations that would never compete with a computer. I want to bring back authentic cartoons made straight from the hand. I feel as if those were more enjoyable to watch and have more emotion connected to them. I plan to combine my passions in fine art with the beauties of animation. Projects in my future are trying out everything. I do not want to disclose exactly what I will do because I already gave you a taste of what will happen in 2018. But I plan on going step by step, and trying everything out in life. I just want to make art. Even if it is not enjoyed by the public is is smiled upon by “God.”


What advice would you give aspiring artists like yourself?

I urge you all to create something of your own. I know mental disorders are constantly rising in teens with the given pressures due to school, work, and life. However if you take time out of your life to make something beautiful you will find your life being more beautiful and worth living for.


You can follow Skiri on Twitter and Instagram and YouTube. Further credits to “Beware of Rugs” goes to Morgan Antisell, Academy of Art in Highland Park, The Isayeva Family, Iamhyponotizedbyyou on Youtube, and Persian speaker, known as, Hairreview, on Fivver.


This article has been edited for clarity.


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