It’s really easy to think it’s the end of the world, between the government shutting down, new harassment cases every week, “shit holes”, and tide pods, it seems like 2018 might just S U C K. Well it isn’t all god awful, I’m not saying we should ignore all the bad shit and live in the happy-go-lucky land of ignorance induced bliss, but it doesn’t hurt to look around and appreciate the good things in life.

  1. Manatees (aka Sea Cows) still exist. They weren’t really going anywhere but they could be extinct and they aren’t so… If that’s not a good reason to smile I don’t know what is
  2. Thousands of women got together for the women’s march!!!! Steps forward in the fight for women’s rights should ALWAYS make you smile.
  3. Belize is ending all oil work in their oceans!!! Home to the second longest barrier reef in the world these are great efforts to help protect these wonderful works of nature.
  4. The Cincinnati Zoo posted this picturehippo          with the caption “Happy birthday Fiona! This special little hippo was born one year ago today! Fiona was born six weeks early and weighed only 29 pounds. She defeated the odds with the help of her dedicated care team, and today she’s a happy, healthy hippo, weighing over 655 pounds. Watch Instagram live today at 12pm ET for a special look at her and Tony the hippo from the San Diego Zoo! #teamfiona#cincinnati #fionasfirst #cincinnatizoo#closeenoughtocare
  5. THERE’S A FISH WITH HANDS! and its population is larger than expected!fishhands
  6. Governors in New York and Montana signing executive orders to protect net neutrality! since cute animals might not be enough to combat all the problems arising, here’s a different type of really good news.
  7. Eagles beat Vikings to go on to play the Patriots at Super Bowl LII in Minnesota, I mean who doesn’t like a good underdog story?
  8. The always wonderful Lupita Nyong’o will be publishing her book called “Sulwe”, a book to teach self-love and empowering children to be proud of their dark skin!!!

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