B-list actress Blanca Blanco wore red to the the Golden Globes. It’s all over, guys. Third wave feminism lost, the ghost of Roger Ailes gets stronger with every passing minute and it’s all Blanco’s fault. Because she didn’t wear black.

But in all seriousness– Blanca Blanco has been facing widespread criticism because she ditched the dress code for the black-tie event, where all of Hollywood’s top sexual predators and enablers gathered for a night of celebrating other predators and enablers.

Don’t get me wrong. I think there was no real way to go through the night without addressing the elephant in the room. Meaning, the big, angry elephant that tells you that you’ll never work again in this town if you don’t have sex with me RIGHT. NOW.

Still, Blanco ignoring the dress code was a big “F YOU!” to the feminist movement. It might not overtly support rape culture and sexism, but it does say “I don’t care about representing the countless sexual assault victims among my peers enough to bother changing my dress.” (Or maybe the pseudo-celebrity just thought slighting feminism was the only way for her get press coverage. It’s anyone’s guess.)

But guess what? Tomorrow, we’ll all wake up, rape culture will still exist, and I still won’t be able to name a single title featuring Blanca Blanco. It happened, we called her out on it, and now it’s time fry the bigger fish. When we spend too much time fixating on smaller transgressions, like wearing a red dress, the most important discourse gets lost in the grand scheme of things. We can’t let the white noise of people like Blanca Blanco drown out the real progress within the movement against sexual violence.

That’s why I’m here to update you on the top five feminist achievements and issues that are probably more worth your time right now.

  1. THIS LITTLE GIRL invented a lead detection device that can be mass-produced and sent to families in Flint, MI, saving lives.
  2. THE NEW YORK TIMES hired its first ever Gender Editor, Jessica Bennett, revolutionizing the way journalism reports on gender-related issues
  3. THIS VIRGINIA LEGISLATOR, who openly identifies as a lesbian, ran against a republican incumbent– and won. Also in Virginia, the state’s first transgender elected official. They’ll both be sworn in later this month.
  4. THE FILIPINO GOVERNMENT  lifted some of its notoriously restrictive reproductive health laws, making it easier for Filipina women to access birth control.
  5. THE WOMEN’S MARCH movement that took the world by storm in January 2017 is making its long-awaited comeback.

Maybe 2018 won’t be too bad after all.


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