How Heels for Men Helped Me Walk

When I stumbled upon Tyler Hall’s youtube video about Syro— a fashion company that makes heels for men  —I was instantly obsessed. The Brooklyn-based indie fashion outlet promotes acceptance of male femininity through inclusive footwear. In other words: Be as femme as you want. If someone tries to shame you for it, just pay-em-no-mind!

Syro sparked attention in the queer community for their unique, androgynous style. It’s promoted by countless queer musicians like Jay Boogie and Adore Delano (whose new song“Negative Nancy”has me SHOOK, btw). For genderqueer people such as myself, companies like this are so important. They let us be who we really are.

I am agender, which is somewhere near non-binary on the trans spectrum.This means I identify as neither boy nor girl. However, I have a stereotypically masculine body.

I already feel insecure about it when I have to buy plus-size clothing. Being forced into a certain style based on the appendage between my legs definitely doesn’t help. It makes me feel even more insecure, and it worsens my gender dysphoria— the disconnect between my gender identity and body that causes me distress.

But that all changed when I fell in love with George.

George is the catalog name for a pair of black, three inch, ankle length boots on Syro’s online store. With George by my side (or at my ankles),  I’ve gained the courage to dress the way I want to. I can go out in public, and, as Mother Monster says, “walk like I own the world.”

I even purchased my very first lipstick. It’s a gorgeous, deep wine red lippie by Fenty Beauty.

I never knew the clothes I wanted to wear could be made for my body. I know a lot of trans and gender nonconforming people who feel this way, too. It’s time for more mainstream companies to acknowledge that different body types exist within (and out of) the gender binary.

Genderqueer people exist. Whether you like it or not, we’re here and we always have been. Limiting clothing to only two distinct genders only perpetuates outdated gender roles.

Besides— it doesn’t matter if you’re conservative or liberal, gay or straight, boy or girl or somewhere in between. I think we should ALL come together to agree on one thing:

I look damn good in these heels, honey!


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