So, we disappeared for a a while. Where oh where have we been? Well, I had to go to college and figure out how to navigate the goliath that is Northwestern University. And let me tell you, college is hard.

No one ever told me what happens when it rains in college- do you know? Have you yet fared a campus in the rain? You walk. That is what you do. You get wet and cold, but you’re already cold and probably already have a cold because everyone around you is perpetually ill or halfway there. So a little rain and a lotta wind (Chicago, am I right?) aren’t a big deal at all.

That’s kiddie stuff. The big deals come in the shapes and sizes of bland, monochromatic dining hall food and parties you feel like you have to go to even though it’s a Wednesday and you have a 9 AM. Big Deals: Papers you wait until 4 AM to write, F’s that you get because you forgot a hyphen or misspelled the name of the mayor of San Francisco, things you sign up for and can’t get out of, working and playing and remembering that you have to sleep. Eat. Read. Call your mom. Take out your trash. Cut your nails. Sweep your floor. Is that mold? Create a mantra: Ramen is good, Ramen is sweet, Ramen is really, truly all I want to eat. Repeat 3x. Repeat ’till you believe it. Make the Ramen. When’s the last time you had fruit? A veggie? That pizza looks good but my jeans don’t fit. Party. Paper. Ramen. Do it again. and againandagainandagainandagain- annnnnd when the hell am I supposed to run a magazine? 


Now that I’m over the ramen and have finally learned how to write a cohesive paper in the Uber to the club. Now because I’m back. My jeans fit again. I found a farmer’s market. Just got off the phone with my mom. Now because I’m ready to entertain; to inform and shake things up a lil’. Now because, when else?  

Missed ya tonz but not for long! TTYL, 

Annnnd, we’re back in 5, 4, 3, 2-

-Jamaica Ponder

Founder, Editor in Chief of Multi Magazine. 


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