Multi’s Poetry Corner: Eremetic Company

Eremetic Company

Desire is the warmth that polishes your lips moments before drinking something hot.

I wanted to fold myself into his cottony skin.  So, I casted off the enveloping sheets and creased myself into the corner at the other side of the room.

The stalking hand of obsession.

He pumped blood, I pumped fruitcake.

I licked his sugary snores, exfoliating my cupidity.

The room is knit with shadows besides the velvet light of the honey candle in the bathroom.  Sweet

with arrogance.

Slender sheets, timber floor, fleshy glass on the bedside table, dark corner.

Quivering lights hover from the ceiling, humidifier puffing clouds, spawning an empty sky, dark corner.

Desiccant air, dark corner.

Dark corner.

I curl into a pill, toes convolving, rogue shavings slicing each piggy.

Candied hell bathed iced feathers into seeds.

I can hear his natural musk roll around in my ears.

I crawl to the dresser, peeling cracks off the floor.

I woke up the dog.

His skewbald eyes freckled with greens, blues, black.  Chasing my every movement.

I ask him to play fetch.

His head gingerly falls to the left and a low growl balloons in his throat.


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