A little guidance on basic college packing

It’s that time of the year again. The Bed Bath and Beyonds, Targets, and Costco’s across the nation are all flooding with confused teens searching for shower caddies, extra long twin sheets, and “no damage” picture hangers. So, packing to embark on this crazy journey we call college can be a whirlwind, I’m here to give you the only college packing tips you need.

  1. You know what doesn’t fit in 185 square feet of shared space that’s already occupied by two beds and two desks? A lot of stuff, so calm down with your color scheme and start thinking about practical storage. Get storage bins, closet organizers, and a laundry bag/hamper (otherwise dirty clothes WILL pile up in your room). 
  2. College life doesn’t really accommodate sleep so you need every second in bed to be worth it. You’ll need a mattress pad, sheets (twin XL) , pillows, pillow cases, throw blanket, and a comforter.
  3. Keep some stuff in mind while you’re getting all happy-go-lucky in the decor section of your local Target, I get it, the giant fluffy pillows ARE cute and that little shaggy rug IS something out of a quirky movie, but you know what isn’t cute, every little thing that gets stuck in it… and I mean EVERYTHING.
  4. Underneath your bed is your space savoir, so know the type of bed in advance so you know whether you need to buy a bed raiser, because those 20 square ft of storage count.
  5. Don’t forget you will be going home again, so you don’t need your entire wardrobe. Bring the basics, your seasonal favorites, a few fancy numbers, something cozy, and some athletic wear, to help fight off that freshman 15. Know your closet size before packing.

    image courtesy of buydesignerfashions.com
  6. So, now that your dorm is at least sorta set up, you’re at college to get an education. So remember all the things you’ve always needed for school, notebooks, binders, and a backpack. But, there’s lots of stuff you need that high school supplied with you on the daily, like staplers,staples, paperclips, three-hole punch, white out, glue, calculator.                       
    college pack
    image courtesy of popkey.com

    Look into getting a desk organizer cause you’ll need a place to put this. 

  7. You’ll need a laptop, and talk to your roommate about a printer because going to the library and waiting in line is a waste of time and honestly time is sleep in college.
  9. You like eating? Yeah most of us do, have you thought about things like snacks? Whatchya gonna eat with your hands? Bring some utensils and Tupperware. Coffee Maker (remember that lack of sleep I was talking about earlier?) Mini-Fridge? Microwave? DISCLAIMER: you need to check if these things are permitted.college
  10. You DO NOT need to bring an entire case of plastic water bottle and you DEFINITELY do not need to waste money buying them. Bring a reusable water bottle. Seriously. Your school 100% sells them if you don’t have one. Let’s not add more plastic waste to the ocean.
  11. Now, Toiletries, because no one wants to gross, you’re constantly meeting new people so you want to make a good first impression. This isn’t going to be the type of bathroom you’ve been using for years because now it’s ~*communal living*~ oOooOo fun, you get to share the place you get clean with 20 other dirty, sweaty, hungover, probably vodka and puke coated teens, mhhhm perfect.
  12. Toiletries, get something that you can carry your personal items in and also won’t grow mold because that’s nasty and it will most likely get wet. Let’s remember the basics, Shampoo, Conditioner, Body Wash, Toothpaste, Towels, Wash clothes, Toothbrush with a cover, Comb, Deodorant, Lotion, and Shower shoes (remember all the people you’re sharing this with)showerr.jpg
  13. Have you ever done laundry? Or would you rather just be the smelly kid? Get yourself some Detergent, Dryer Sheets, Stain Remover, a Lint Brush, and most importantly Quarters. Dont forget you aren’t carrying all these dirty clothes in your hand, have a place to put them.

    image courtesy of popkey.com
  14. Bring a small  first aid kit, safety is hot.
  15. Little things to remember so you don’t feel like a dumbass: Small trash can, Lamp, Fan, Alarm Clock, Calendar, Flashlight, Hangers, Umbrella, Tape, a Picture of your family (you are gonna miss them),
  16. Odds are you aren’t going to be throwing ragers in your dorm, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t gonna get dirty. So, do yourself a favor a buy some all purpose cleaners and a tiny vacuum.

Here’s a couple other things to keep in mind before going off to college:

  • This is a new place full of alcohol and parties, be responsible. It’s easy to say and hard to do but I promise that not having to get your stomach pumped is SUPER fun
  • You are probably going to be with people who have opinions you don’t agree with, this has and always will exist. Open and civil discussions are good and recommended  but you will have to come to terms with the fact that you will not always have closure, you will not always change a persons point of view, you will not always feel good at the end. That’s life. 
  • Tryout new things, this is a pretty amazing place to find new hobbies and interests
  • School and social life, BOTH really important so keep a good balance
image courtesy of themodernnomad.tumblr.com

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