Last Minute Luck: An Interview with Makeup Artist Britt Sencial

Britt Sencial is a 20 year old Illinois based makeup artist with a promising and rising social media influence. With 1000’s of followers both on Twitter and Instagram, she is well known as well for her great sense of style and honestly for being one of the kindest people ever. Multi had the opportunity of having a quick chat with Britt during her busy schedule and she was happily able to give us some of her makeup faves and some wise career advice.

M: What started your interest in makeup?

B: Makeup first caught my attention when I was in 8th grade and my mom actually allowed me to start wearing some (the basics). Freshman year of high school I made a friend who would wake up early before school just to do her makeup and I was so fascinated by it all. Shortly after I was doing the same. I then started doing it for my friends when school dances would come and fell in love with doing it for other people almost more than myself.

M: Did / if anyone inspired you, who?

B: When I first started I knew I was kind of good at it but knew I had a lot to learn. One of the first things I did was go to Youtube and search “smokey eye tutorial” and popped up a video of Jaclyn Hill doing a dark eye that was very “in trend” at the time. Which then lead me to thousands of video tutorials. So I’d say youtube really inspired me to keep going with makeup just from watching so many people so passionate about makeup through a 5 to 10 minute video.


M: When did you realize you could make makeup into a career?

B: Social media has a big part in this industry I believe. People are getting paid for putting videos and pictures on the internet of just the makeup looks that are trending in that moment. Also seeing women older than me doing it just from their homes and being successful. I knew I could turn this into a career when I realized theres always someone out there going here, attending this, or celebrating that and needs a makeup artist.


M: How did you begin booking jobs ?

B: After helping my friends get ready for school dances just for fun people would start to come to me asking how much I charge and after getting enough messages and consistent clientele, I realized I was gonna start charging and promoting it more. I’ve gotten a lot of jobs through friends of friends and people just contacting me through my makeup page.


M: How you were able to work your way into doing makeup for Lollapalooza?

B: Through a friend of a friend. Last minute they needed a makeup and hair artist. And my friend recommended me and I winded up showing the head guy some of my work and he put me on their team. So it was just kinda last minute luck!!

M: Makeup faves?

B: My go to favs:

  • Mario Badescu Rose Water Spray
  • Better Than Sex Mascara
  • Luminoso Blush
  • Hoola Benefit Bronzer
  • Mac Soft and Gentle Skin Finish

M: Any general advice for aspiring makeup artists?

B: Patience. You’re not gonna have 100 people coming or jobs coming to you at once but with time things will come to you and if you’re really passionate about it it’ll show and attract clientele!!!

You can find Britt on her twitter → @BrittSeashell, and on her instagram → @beyoubybritt

Interview by Lourdes Zamora


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