Exploring The Dekalb Market Hall


A 40 vendor market that has everything including hand pulled Ramen, cheesy pan-fried Arepas, traditional Caribbean jerk chicken, freshly fried churros con chocolate and more, Dekalb Market Hall in Downtown Brooklyn is as close to heaven on earth as you can get.

After reading an article about its grand opening only about a month ago, I knew that I needed to check this market out, for educational purposes you know… So after planning to go to the city to visit a couple of friends residing there for the summer, we decided to take the trek to Brooklyn to chow down at Dekalb.

We got off the subway right next to NYU’s Tandon school, one of the first stops in Brooklyn (only like a 15 minute ride from Midtown Manhattan) at a stop called Jay Street-Metropark on the F train. Then we walked a couple of blocks down to this huge modern looking mall that was home to a large Century 21 (a pretty dope department store, similar to Macys), a bustling Trader Joes and finally the market hall which fills up the whole lower level.



Tucked into every corner, occupying almost every space are these different ethnic food stands. There was a Vietnamese place serving Bahn Mi and spicy Papaya Salad, an Argentinian place serving steaks and arepas, a Spanish vendor serving tapas, even a Katz Deli serving their famous New York pastramis. Whatever mood you are feeling, whether you want a fresh or hearty meal, whether you are trying to be good and eat healthy or cave into your cravings, Dekalb has it all.

I started off with the best of the best, a spicy pork Lam Zhou (traditional hand pulled noodles) bowl from Hana Noodles. This was fakn killer. It had a perfect spicy broth with a good 5 spice flavoring, pieces of thinly sliced pork belly, chinese leafy greens for some crunchy, loads of fiery red chilly, garlic paste and of course insanely long, stretchy and chewy noodles.


IMG_5066IMG_5067 2After that, being the hungry food obsessed girl that I am, I went to another vendor to get another little meal. This time I went to a Bao bun vendor called Bunsmith that specializes in these little open face buns. I was enticed by the Korean Fried Chicken bun that had a spicy chilly sauce and pickled purple cabbage on top so obviously I went for it. Even though it was expensive ($4.13!!) it was definitely made up in zest and flav. Bunsmith also had some cool veggie options for all of you vegans and vegetarians including Buffalo Fried Cauliflower and spicy tofu buns.


Now onto dessert, the best, most important part for any balanced and nutritious meal. We noticed very quickly that they had a Key Lime pie vendor that solid mini 4 inch pies, medium pies, large pies, chocolate dipped key lime pie on sticks and more amazing products. So naturally we split a little key lime pie and it had the best flaky crust and was super vibrant and flavorful, so a 10 out of 10 for sure. We also split this Peanut butter and Jelly doughnut-like, Spanish pastry that was essentially a sweet brioche filled with handmade raspberry jelly and a salty peanut butter glaze #PHHAT.

IMG_5072 2IMG_5073

A little bit pricy overall but hey, what can you expect in little, gentrified Brooklyn. Dekalb was literally a dream come true. Barbeque, sushi, fire roasted veggie burritos, a sandwich shop serving millions of different combinations, Japanese crepes, mini doughnuts, like what!!! Go out to Brooklyn, visit Dekalb Market Hall, go up to Beacons closet and thrift away, go to the Burg (Williamsburg that is), walk around and get an afternoon coffee and hang out, make a day out of it.

IMG_5068 2IMG_5065 2IMG_5062FullSizeRender 40

Screw diets there is always tomorrow. For now EAT GUUDDDD.




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