Long time, no chit-chat!

I hope you don’t mind the Mag taking the month of July off- we needed a solid month to re-vamp the website and recharge after another wild year at Princeton High, and elsewhere. It really feels as though, the more time that passes, the more predictably-unpredictable our world becomes. It’s both awesome and frightening at the same time. I no longer know what to expect from anyone- and that is so refreshing. And yet, now that I know the expected is nothing but an antiquated fantasy, I slightly crave it, because thus far, the unknown has been frightening and not nearly as rewarding as previously promised. (Looking @ you Mr.President)

But, despite the scary, unpredictable present state of the union, the Mag stays the same. We’re going to continue saying what we want, how we want to. We will continue to give teenagers (and 20-somethings) a platform to express themselves, because it makes them happy, and a little less frightened.

I am a stout believer in the power of words, obviously. And it makes me profoundly happy to see that I am not alone in that. Rather, I am surrounded by a team and a community of people who too see how wonderful and impactful language can be.

This month, we employ our words and art to evoke serendipity within our audience. We’ll discuss happiness and how it can be attained and sustained. It’s August, we’re feeling carefree, and exceptionally glad to be here with you. Share your happy places with us and we’ll share ours with you.

Read up! And of course, enjoy the Mag

-Jamaica Ponder


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