Help!! All I’ve done so far this summer is stay in bed and sleep, but I feel like I should at least try to do something interesting or productive. What can I do?

I completely, 100% understand the feeling. Even just a weekend of sleeping in and binge watching The Office leaves me feeling groggy, unproductive, and craving something to do. Vacations tend to have a stereotype of having to be booked months in advance and planned out minute-by-minute, but that isn’t necessarily the case. Here are some plans that are open to very little, or last-minute planning

  • Travel
    • Now, this doesn’t have to mean a 2-week long excursion to Europe or the Philippines or anything that requires months of family planning. There are plenty of things to do that are just a car ride away. Big cities like NYC and Philly are just a round-trip train ticket away. In addition to cheesy tourist attractions, locations like these are home to a plethora of concerts, festivals, restaurants, and murals, all of which make for GREAT insta pics!!!!
    • BUT, if your family’s down, websites like and CheapCaribbean offer AMAzing deals on last-minute all-inclusive trips to gorgeous resorts around the world. And based off of the reviews on Google, there’s no need to worry about the reliability of these sites. If your family is the lazy type, I would personally suggest finding a fun cruise to go on, since everything is already onboard and activity planning can be done at–literally–the last minute.
  • Activities 
    • Remember, the Internet isn’t just for funny YouTube videos or Netflix binges. Nowadays, tons of websites and apps like Facebook, Spotify and new Snap update showcase nearby events taking place near you, so even a casual scroll through your feed can open your eyes to a bunch of close-by activities. You’ll see that entertainment can take the shape of anything from local holiday celebrations and 5K’s in your very own town to and huge concerts in the city.
    • If you’re looking for something that’s kind of the exact opposite of what you’ve been doing, it’s not too late to register for summer camps or other outdoorsy type trips. My sister applied for a program called Overland a few summers ago, which is a backpacking/hiking/leadership program for teens and hosts trips all over the world. Groups are limited to 12 members and the age range per group usually doesn’t go past 2-3 years between the oldest and youngest campers, so close friendships are inevitable. Although hiking and backpacking may seem like a 180 from a chill, relaxing summer, my sister who is very much a stay-in-bed-until-3pm type person loooooved it so much and went back for 3 summers in a row.
  • Start a Project
    • No, not like a book report or new scientific breakthrough–unless that;s your type of thing–I’m talking about setting any kind of goal for yourself, and using your free time to achieve it. This could anything from finding a job and saving up cash to treat yourself at the end of the summer, or training for the Princeton Half-Marathon in November. Learn how to do makeup really well!! Go on Pinterest and find room-redecoration inspiration!!! Start doing yoga!!! You can honestly take any hobby, set a goal, give yourself an incentive to reach it and turn that into a 3-month-long project.
    • A project can be a self-improvement kind of thing as well. Challenge yourself with fitness plans, mental health goals, or improvement in any other sport or activity you do in or out of school. Once again, Pinterest is a great place to find 30-day challenges or running plans to accomplish. Get a bunch of friends together and practice for the band, sport, or club you all participate in and refine and enhance your skills!! By September, you’ll find that you’ve just had the most productive summer imaginable.
  • Preparation for the Fall
    • Okay, doing school work over summer doesn’t exactly sound like a blast, but honestly, you might find it a little stress-relieving, or maybe even fun. By not procrastinating and actually finishing your summer reading assignments early, you can actually take the time to really take notes and ace next year’s English class, instead of frantically Sparknote-ing each chapter the night before your teacher announces you’ll be writing a timed essay about how classic literature is somehow still relevant to our 21st century society. Even emailing your teachers or department directors for the ISBN numbers of next year’s APUSH or Calculus textbook can help you get a headstart for the fall and ensure straight A’s for the year.

And this list doesn’t even cover half of your summer’s possibilities. The internet is a great place find inspiration for activities to do with your friends/family or even by yourself this summer. A fun-filled summer doesn’t have to come with weeks of planning or far-away travels. The only things you need is your very own self and a bottle of SPF 30.


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