Here is a list of some of my favorite movies with LGBTQ protagonists. These weird, funny, powerful, and beautiful films are all worth watching. Take some time this Pride Month to watch these movies it’s well worth it.

Movies that didn’t make this shortlist that are also fantastic: Moonlight, Kill Your Darlings, The Handmaiden, Paris is Burning, Pride, and Shortbus.

The Way He Looks91yavuqqjul-_sl1500_.jpg

The Way He looks, is the tale of a blind Brazilian Teen, Leonardo. This beautifully shot and wonderfully crafted story is sure to tug at your heartstrings and ultimately put a smile on your face.  While you probably haven’t heard of this film (as it’s in portuguese and I doubt that you seek out portuguese films in your spare time like myself) It is most definitely worth a watch.


Milk 2008.jpg


Milk is based on the life of Harvey Milk, who famously fought to make sure Proposition 6 (a ordinance that would strip members of the LGBTQ community of their basic human rights. This film looks back on what life as a gay person was like and the battles they fought every day. While the fight is far from over, Milk puts you at the center of one of the biggest moments for LGBTQ people across the country and is a must watch.



Rocky Horror Picture Show

In this cult classic, a “normal couple” find themselves in the home of a transgender mad scientist, who happens to be an alien, and are exposed to displays of sexuality like never before. High energy musical performances and fantastic costume design make this an incredibly fun film to watch. With a well developed subculture, Rocky Horror Picture Show continues to be a favorite of  many.


81cVETEthhL._SY550_.jpgThe Imitation Game

The story of Alan Turing went untold for years due to his sexuality. In his lifetime he would never get the recognition he deserved. This film goes through the life of one of the heroes of World War II focusing on his work on the project to crack the Nazi’s Enigma code and his beautiful mind.

Hedwig and The Angry Inch

Hedwig and the Angry Inch is a story about loving who you are and loving others for who they are. Portrayed by John Cameron Mitchell, Hedwig is a hilarious and deep character following her dream of being a famous musician. I highly recommend it.


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