a feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired.

Self Pride. Ethnic Pride. Sexual Orientation Pride. Food Pride

Pride is one of the most important elements in life and its about time we translate pride into our food. When I think about pride, usually a big, brightly colored, beautiful rainbow flag pops into my mind, so obviously we will try to be replicating all the wonderful colors in our food.
Today I have made Rainbow summer rolls to celebrate both pride month and warm weather. These are especially easy and require minimal heat so they are perfect for prepping in the warm weather months.


Basically the hardest party is chopping up all your veggies so grab a knife and go at it but please please try not to cut off your finger, you need those.

Starting with the carrots and cucumbers, wash and peel the skins off. Taking a big knife begin to cut thin, long slices, about the size of a tooth pick. This will take a little bit of skill but don’t worry if every piece isn’t perfect (they will be hidden, inside your beautiful rolls anyways!) Once both the cuke and the carrots are cut, put them into separate bowls and sprinkle a pinch of salt on top and mix to make sure it is all combined. My lovely friend, the famous chef and cat connoisseur taught me that adding salt to these veggies ensures a crisper and better tasting product in the end. After combining the salt, put them aside for ten or so minutes to let them do their thing.


Next, take a head of lettuce, I used butter lettuce, otherwise known as Boston lettuce, because I think it is better tasting and a deeper green color. Make sure to wash all the sand and dirt off and separate the individual leaves, patting them dry and putting them aside on a plate.

Shred your purple lettuce with a box grater or knife, or just be lazy and buy pre shredded stuff and add it to a bowl. Also, cut up one or two avocados into thin slices, trying as hard as humanly possible to get them thin and aesthetically pleasing. Squeeze a bit of citrus over the avocados to give them more of a zippy flavor and to keep them green rather than oxidizing and turning brown. Put the avos on a plate and to the side.


Next you can de shell and boil your shrimp. This might be kind of tricky so I advise you to get pre shelled jumbo shrimp unless you are a shrimp expert, such as yours truly. But hey, I do think that the ones with shells do taste better so try it out. So after de shelling them add them to some boiling water and wait a couple of minutes until they are pink and cooked all the way through (3-7 mins). Cut them in half length wise so that the little shrimps are thinner and fit better in the wraps. Put to the side in a bowl.


Now you can take the carrots in a tea towel and squeeze out the juice/water and salt and repeat with the cucumbers.

Plate your sushi grade salmon and tuna.


On to the Sauce. I made a Thai Peanut Butter sauce but feel free to use hot sauce or soy sauce or really anything your little heart desires. In a pan I added a couple of scoops of peanut butter, some hoisin sauce (which is a thick, brown salty savory black bean paste sauce that is a staple in any Chinese kitchen), Sriracha, some water to thin it, a little soy sauce and a splash of sesame oil.


Take a big dish, like a ceramic pie plate or a shallow bowl and fill it with warm water to soak your rice paper sheets. Next, the best part. Taking your rice paper sheets, these cool clear, hard circular sheets that transform into squishy wrapping paper when introduced to water, dip them in the bowl and let them soak for a couple minutes and then put them on a plate to soften. Add a scoop of the peanut sauce and spread it thinly across the sheet. next add a piece of lettuce, then add in the toppings you want. A line of avo, followed by cucumbers and carrots, then purple lettuce and then a line of shrimp or fish and then roll all of it up like a burrito.


Again, like everything I make, have fun with it, experiment, be creative!!! Show yourself some pride and enjoy munching on these festive summer rolls!!






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