Zaaa Party

My family is full of avid chefs, so obviously when we get together to cook, shit goes down in the kitchen.

This weekend, when we all got together for dinner we decided to throw a pizza party which utilized the skills of everyone in the house. My Uncle, the grill master, put together the barbecue and loaded it up with two pizza stones, while my cousins cut up different cheeses, meats, and herbs. My mother prepped pizza dough the night before and rolled, kneaded and fixed it into pizza shaped rounds while my aunt made salad and apps to accompany the pizzas.


A pizza party would be a great idea for any family gathering, party, splover, or bonding event because its fun and relatively easy. My mom usually makes the dough and lets it rise over night but you can also go to Mccaffery’s or Pizza star and buy pre-made dough to make dinner that much easier.

Back to the Za (short hand for Pizza of course) though.

We used an assembly line to get this party on its way. My mom rolled the dough and then loaded it onto the pizza paddle, making sure to flour the paddle with semolina flour to ensure an easily slip into the oven. My cousins and I then put the toppings on, customizing it to our own personal desires. For toppings we had an arsenal of veggies, meats and cheeses to choose from including: mushrooms, peppers, chorizo, mozzarella, ricotta, parmesan, garlic olive oil, tomato sauce and more. The more toppings you have, the better the party so make sure to have a diverse array of foods to make your pizzas fly as can be.  Don’t forget to season your pizzas before they go into the oven, you can add salt, pepper, flavored sea salts, red pepper flakes, oregano…well honestly anything you feel. After we had finished dressing the pizzas we handed them off to my uncle who loaded them into the hot grill and let them bake and crisp up (7-15 mins).


To serve them, we cut them up into slices with a pizza cutter, but it might be easier to use scissors to cut these bad boys up quickly. Right before you eat the pizza you might want to add even more toppings to truly make this the best pizza you have ever eaten. Try adding arugula for a little spice and fresh flavor or parmesan shavings for a salty bite. We also put olive oil, red pepper flakes, smoked salt, truffle oil and balsamic vinegar out on the table to give some options for further bang.

Feel free to make any combinations you feel like, have fun with this and show your creative side! You can make breakfast pizzas and crack an egg on top before putting it into the grill, dessert pizzas with Nutella and peanut butter, adding fresh fruit to the top once everything is nice and bubbly, and anything and everything in between.

Kill the Zaa game kids.





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