This month we’re focusing on how to find that middle ground between arrogance and timidity; on how to love yourself while loving the world around you and being rather proud of that fact. 

I’ve been considering pride for a while now, especially as someone who feels as though she has a lot to be proud of, because I fear that I frequently tread a little to closely to the line separating pride and arrogance.

It’s difficult, as a young woman, being able to express felicity in my accomplishments without being labeled as contemptuous. I watch my classmates struggle with the humble-brag on a daily basis. We live in a world where you’re encouraged to be proud of yourself but not too proud or else you run the risk of making someone else feel bad about themselves.

Girls especially are told to do well, but not too well; to be assertive but not bitchy; to be smart, but not so much so that she threatens those around her. There is an intrinsically contradictory culture to which we’re expected to adhere and it places us in an uncomfortable limbo where we don’t know what to do with ourselves or our peers.

From college to GPA’s, awards received and battles won- we praise people for succeeding and then silently hate them for doing better than us. It’s wildly confusing, especially during college acceptance season, sorting out how we’re supposed to feel about one another. But, even more so, how we’re supposed to feel about ourselves. It can be hard for us to feel comfortable about displaying pride in ourselves, because the fact of the matter is that not everyone shares that sentiment. The sad thing is that they 100% should. We all have something to be proud of, and just because those things may not mimic the accomplishments of one’s peers doesnt diminish their validity in any way, shape or form.

We preach self-love and confidence, but who’s around to tell us that it’s okay to be proud? And who will show us that it’s okay to allow our peers to be proud? If there is something to hold pride in, then it must be something good and good should always be celebrated.

This month, I want you all to keep in mind the many things you have to be proud of, and to let that shine through in your art, writing, and self expression. I’m proud of this Mag, and the Mag is proud of you.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the Mag,

-Jamaica Ponder


1 Comment

  1. Dear Jamaica,

    I’m stepping up to tell you and all of our young people that IT’S OK TO BE PROUD. It’s really important to be able to feel and express pride in accomplishments, and even in failures.

    I’m proud of YOU. And I’m proud to know you (through your mom, since you were little).


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