I asked my best friend and local Netflix expert, Joslen Beslity, for some movie recommendations for this long weekend and got a list that could last me a couple months. So, if you love a classic teen drama here’s what she said-

*all quotes come from our Netflix Teen Drama expert, Joslen Beslity.*


A 2008 Indie film about a teenage girl who thinks she’s got it all figured out- but then a boy comes along. According to our expert it’s “got some real nos shots of young Jessie McCartney and Elisabeth Harnois” but is “kinda sad”


This is technically four movies but we’ll count it as one. A 2008 drama that I think needs no introduction. A movie series that “pulls at the heart strings a lot”, even if you think its “really stupid”. To sum it all up she believes everyone needs to “give Twilight a second chance!”


Yet another 2008 quirky RomCom where two teens that are completely different find common ground- Love. “Its one of those movies where you just know high school isn’t really like that, but overall the story is cute”. If you are looking to watch something “a lil different too ;)” this should definitely be on your list.


A five season TV series that ran from 2008 to 2013 about ridiculously rich kids living in their bubbled world of privilege. With “sub par acting” and a “cast that is great to look at, this drama is top notch and feels like it never ends”. It’s been rated as “life changing”.


A 2010 Australian TV drama about kids that…..wait for it…. Dance. “First of all, this show is set in Sydney so all the characters have Australian accents. Second, everyone is dancing all the time so the people are jacked. Third, these people have to be around each other all the time because it’s a boarding school so plenty of drama ensues”


A new additions to Netflix with a plot that confuses me a bit too much to explain. “Any teens out there who love Cole Sprouse and a good mystery will drool over this one”. So if you want to relive your childhood, when Cole Sprouse was still on the screen, check this out.


Another series that ran from 2008 to 2013 that’s “just a fucking wild ride” and a total must-watch. “You get hooked from the beginning and can’t wait to see what happens” there’s pregnancy, fights, tears, and lots of love. Plus, “it also has a ton of good life lessons incorporated, like wear a condom.”

STICK IT (not on Netflix)

A 2006 sports drama about a girl who is not like the other girls, she is a tomboy. But is sent to gymnastics school instead of juvie. She’s a classic skater punk/daredevil who is always causing trouble and wears baggie pants, you’ll love her and all the drama she brings to the gym

16 LOVE (not on Netflix)

A 2012 movie where a sports injury let’s a teenage girl finally live her life. It’s our experts “go the teen romance. Its features sports, humor, love, and all that shit.” A plus- “the main actor is hot”.







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