May 22nd marked “Harvey Milk Day” in remembrance of the former California lawmaker of the same name.

Milk, who was elected to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors in 1978, was the first openly gay person to hold political office in the United States. He gained national fame for being an outspoken advocate for LGBT rights.

Ten months into his term, however, he was was assassinated for the very same reason.

In remembrance of Milk’s fight for justice, communities around the world hold annual events in his name. In 2009, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed a bill officially recognizing the holiday, urging schools to honor Milk and teach about his life and legacy.  

Despite Milk’s moving story and inspiring words, he’s been posthumously slandered by anti-gay activists. One group in particular, a “pro family” organization known as the Save California Campaign, has proposed a solution to this “indoctrination” of children into the “homosexual lifestyle”: protest Harvey Milk “Gay Day”, keep kids from school, complain to administration, and, when all else fails, remove them from the public school system completely. 

The site also includes an inspiring video on the dangers of “homosexuals, bisexuals and transsexuals.”

The video starts with a “parental discretion warning,” likely due to all of the heinous stock photos of pleasantly-smiling white people and ominous piano riffs that lie ahead. The first few minutes described a hellish dystopia in which young children are taught that gay people exist. It begins:

“No parental notification or consent…a sexual “role model”…Your children and grandchildren are at risk…children as young as 5 years old forced to honor and embrace the values of notorious homosexual activist and sexual predator of teens, Harvey Milk…”

“Values” such peace, tolerance and equality? The horror! 

“…Harvey Milk Day was created as a day of significance for schoolchildren in 2009 by democrat politicians (sic) and Arnold Schwarzenegger. “

Damn those filthy liberal snowflakes, and their cyborg assassins too!

“…It urges public schools to require children to perform ‘suitable commemorative exercises’ remembering the ‘life’… of Harvey Milk”

Wait, why did they put “life” in air quotes–as if implying a euphemism or hyperbole?

Is Milk just a figure of left wing snowflake propaganda? Did he actually exist?  Is Milk leading a government conspiracy to turn frogs into homosexuals?   What if Harvey Milk is, in actuality, three American Horned Bullfrogs sitting on top of each other wearing a trench coat and fake mustache? Think of the children, damnit!

“Science has found no biological basis for homosexuality, bisexuality, or transsexuality (sic). Studies have found LGBT lifestyles to be ‘unhealthy’ with the highest rate of sexually transmitted diseases and higher cancer rates and earlier deaths.

Actually, no.  

Then comes a moving instrumental with a series of pictures and phrases ranging from what appears to be two men in leather speedos to gay celebrities on magazine covers. The caption warned against “Same sex school proms,” “gay marriage,” “public nudity,” “books recommended for ages 3-7” and, worst of all, “LGBT street fairs”.

The video ends with a call to action:

“Your children and grandchildren are precious. If you won’t protect them, who will?” 

Now that last part I can agree with! We need to be proactive in protecting America’s most vulnerable, like those getting ill from toxic  drinking water, dying from treatable conditions due to lack of affordable healthcare, and being shot and killed by those sworn to protect them

But the Save California Campaign has mentioned none of those, of course; in a world full of hate, the biggest danger is how we love.


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