So many people (including me) long for smooth, radiant, perfect looking skin, not just because it’s trendy to have a pregnancy glow, but because our skin is often a reflection of what’s going on inside of our bodies. I don’t have anywhere near perfect skin, and it’s because even though I try to treat my body like a temple, it’s more of a temple on a very very tight budget, especially during the school year. But without further ado, here are my top 5 tips:


You’ve probably been told this tens if not hundreds of times, but water is so important and so many people don’t get enough throughout the day. Try to get in at least 2 liters a day or drink until your pee is clear/almost clear.


This may be another no brainer, but it’s incredibly important. Try to limit the amount of oily and processed foods as well as the amount of dairy you eat. This doesn’t have to be an all or nothing sort of thing, every thing you put into your body has an impact on your health as well as your skin, so even cutting out 1 processed meal each day is awesome! Also, try adding in more vegetables and leafy greens.


This isn’t really something you can do overnight, but creating a skincare routine that you can stick to with products you know work is revolutionary. My skincare routine consists of washing my face with my alba botanica cleanser  (this one if I’m breaking out), putting this random weird stuff with salicylic acid in it that I got in Belarus on all my problem areas, and then I finish off with a moisturizer that is meant for babies, but hey it works for me. It’s important to find products that actually work for you instead of doing what I did and using up 3 different types of moisturizers that burned my skin so bad that I wanted to cry. Hah… perks of having sensitive skin!

  1. SLEEP

Try your absolute hardest to get 8 hours of sleep every night, please. It’s insane how much getting enough sleep can transform your skin. When I’m sleep deprived (which is most of the time because I’m a silly gal), I get lots of little red dots around my eyes, pimples all over my face, and a red patch of super dry skin on my lip. My body basically forces me to stop being horrible and jump into my pool of blankets.


Don’t stress yourself out too much over breakouts! If fact, don’t stress yourself out too much in general! It’s hard to avoid breakouts completely, especially when you’re a hormonal teen trying to balance an overwhelming amount of things, so if you wake up with a pimple on your forehead, it’s okay. You are still a beautiful and lovely person and as long as you let your inner beauty shine from within you will glow.
So basically, treat your body like an aztec temple and care for your skin. If you get a breakout, it’s okay, either let it be or dab some concealer on it and go about your day. You’re glowing skin, goddess, superstar!  



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