Congratulations, we are all pre-existing conditions, well specifically our uterus’. For all of those with vaginas, and “irregular” periods, they could potentially leave you with much more to pay, welcome to the new Affordable Care Act.

The question of what defines “irregular” is undetermined since everyone’s period is different. It is extremely rare to come across one that visits you on the exact date every month, or doesn’t one way or another have some sort of “irregularity”. Women already are punished for having our involuntary periods, or just vaginas in general, (read here for more about that: https://multimagsite.com/2017/03/05/the-price-of-sex/#more-463)  but now there is just more penalties coming our way.

There are numerous other issues with this act that could consider other things that 100% should not be “pre-existing” conditions, but for the sake of this article not being pages long of complaints were are going to stick to just one abomination.

I didn’t know that woman’s intense menstrual cramps, irregular period timing, or heavy flow affected the government, but now it just might, giving them more money. You would think that we already pay enough for our vaginas, with birth control, the tampon tax, and more; but apparently not, Dumpfs America wants to make us pay even more. We already get paid less for our work, but now we too have to pay even more for our biology. The feeling of being constantly unfairly treated for just being born a certain sex needs to come to an end, society needs to become more progressive, but with the new administration, I, along with many other women are starting to fear the opposite.

With less money and higher healthcare I don’t know when this government or society will end the penalizing of women for just being them, and with this new possible ACA I don’t feel hopeful for the future. This “pre-existing” condition bullshit however is not new, Obamacare is what got rid of the increased pay for having “menstrual irregularities”.  The movement of upward and onward, towards equality and civil rights seems far out of reach, taking immense steps back in the wrong direction to what once was.

The social construct of punishing women for their natural bodily functions, or telling them what they can and cannot do with their bodies, is thriving in todays administration and is constantly being perpetuated. These ideas will just continue with this potential ACA and many other to-be bills/legislatures, until someone in the government stops the madness. The best thing women can do now is fight, fight for their bodies, and fight for their “pre-existing” conditions.


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