If you don’t know what a DivaCup is, you’re not going to get this, so here’s a quick description- it’s a tampon, but it’s a cup, and it’s reusable. But, your period only lasts for one week out of the month, so here’s what you can do with it for those other three!

Are you ever cooking and just looking for something to measure perfectly those pesky measurements like ¼ oz or a ½ oz?! Well luckily for you the Divacup lays those measurements out for you loud and clear! Why stop at measurements while cooking, this is perfect for labs, replace that test tube with a DivaCupⓇ
Out at a party but can’t find a shot glass?? Happens to everyone at least once in their life. Did you know the average shot glass holds 1-2 oz? That’s the same as a woman’s average flow per a cycle. So throw those apple cider vinegar shots back with your DivaCupⓇ!
Dieting can be hard, make life better with a DivaCupⓇ. Fill it with some cheetos, or trail mix, fruit gummies, chocolate covered anything. The DivaCupⓇ will ensure that you eat less than an ounce of those unhealthy snacks. #DivaCupDiet
You love your Diva Cup, and you want people to know your proud of it, but the only way for them to know is if you tell them… not anymore. Your DivaCupⓇ is the perfect addition to any outfit, it’s a small hat, it’s a coin purse, throw it on a chain and its a necklace, the possibilities are endless and you can show off your environmentally friendly pride.
Now not everyone will react the same, but I can guarantee if a someone you don’t want to speak to is speaking to you, and you whip out a (preferably clean) menstrual cup and start telling them what it is, odds are they will walk away. This works on most males and anyone who perpetuates the stigma surrounding the menstrual cycle.


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