Recently I have seen more often than usual, Mermaid. There have always been those shirts saying “I’m secretly a mermaid” from Forever 21, I’m sure we all had at some point in our awkward middle school phase, no? Just me? Okay. Well they exist, and right now it’s everywhere. With holographics, pastels, mesh shirts with seashells that only cover your nipples, and long flowy hair, all being the up and coming trends mermaids are making their comeback.

Spring is coming to an end and Summer is on the rise, meaning beautiful beach hair is about to blow up. While we are all prepping our minds, bodies, and hair, for all the newest trends why not put a little spin on them, for this one lets create mermaid hair. To stay on top of the trends while living out your inner kids dream to become a mermaid, and Ariel’s best friend, mermaid hair is here to help.


French braid the shit out of your hair. The amount of braids that you do us completely subjective. If you have thinner hair two should be just fine. However if you are blessed enough to have thicker fuller hair then go to town with the french braids. Make sure they are as tight as Gigi Hadid’s ass because you want them to stay and provide you with the best waves possible.



Spray sea salt spray left and right. If you want mermaid hair you have to be a salty as I was when I got my math test back and got points off for rounding incorrectly… (extremely). You want your hair to feel like you just went swimming in the actual salty AF ocean with you mer-squad. Not Your Mother’s is always a good bet but feel free to use whatever works for your locks.



Sleep. Have a good night’s rest on your crazy looking braids to prepare for all the compliments you will be getting about how nice your sick mermaid hair looks.


Wake up with messy braids, and probably pieces falling out if you didn’t tie them tight enough. After all the tossing and turning from last night, contemplating the meaning of life, it’s time to embrace wavvy hair. Undo all the hair ties and unlace the french braid with you fingers.


This is crucial! DO NOT brush your hair. This look could go from fiery fierce mermaid to poodle in .2 seconds, so beware. By taking a brush to you much appreciated locks you could look like you just came out of an i-fly wind tunnel in Universal Studios. So please, don’t do it, for yourself and all the birds that may think your hair is a nest. Just comb through your hair with your fingers and an actual comb if fingers don’t do the trick, proceed with caution.IMG_9007.jpg


Show off your beautiful new hair and embrace all the double takes people will be giving you to get another glance at your MERMAID HAIR.


(All photos of Selia Gupta)


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