I’ve always really loved May because in New Jersey, it’s when the weather officially turns and they shut off the heat in our schools. The weather permits us to go back to wearing shorts, we can walk around again without loosing our fingers to the cold, the world turns green very quickly and after AP’s are over, so is the school year. I love May because the Earth grants us a sense of freedom and independence that we don’t have when its freezing outside or when it gets dark every night at 6 PM.

For that reason, the Mag is going to be independent as heck this month. We want not only to discuss the beauty of independence in its many forms but also how growing into the freedom we’re all eventually granted in some way, shape or form- whether it be the freedom to walk around barefoot or the latitude to roam the world alone- is formative and important and perhaps a bit frightening.

I’m leaving soon. A lot of us are. We’re going to run off to various campuses across the globe and we’re going to have this profound sense of freedom thrust upon us. We’ll be expected to know what to do with it; to know how to be independent from whatever nest we’re fleeing. The Mag is preparing for her departure just as we’re preparing for ours, and I suppose we’ll figure out if we can handle our newfound freedom around the same time.

Until then, we’ll settle for speculation.

Read, submit, and discover-

but above all else, enjoy the mag.

  • -Jamaica Ponder

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