A fun relaxed MAGICAL makeup look that experiments with a subtle way to incorporate purples into your everyday eyeshadow look.

STEP ONE: Prime your face. I used the Porefessional primer that fills your pores to set a smooth base for your makeup. This is perfect for controlling oils throughout the day and making sure your makeup doesn’t slip n’ slide around your face. I concentrate this more around my T-zone where I have the biggest pores to fill and most oil.

STEP TWO: CONCEAL. You could do foundation and then concealer here if you are looking for more of a full coverage look but this is more of a gentle tutorial. Concealing is a vital step for me that truly makes my face look less like it was just hit with a truck. I use a lighter concealer than my actual skin tone to brighten up my under eyes and give more light to my face, canceling out the dark circles. I blend this in a triangular shape under the eye and slightly on the sides to add highlight to my base.

STEP THREE: This is when I like to powder, also something very important when setting the base for your masterpiece. Powdering mattifies your face and keeps whatever is underneath set and more in place. I use the Better Skin foundation because I get breakouts quite often and the salicylic acid in this product keeps the pimples more at bay than another powder that would clog my pores. Then for extra hold and mattifying properties I add the NYX HD translucent powder to set my under eye concealer and on my T-zone.

STEP FOUR: Contouring is not in my everyday routine nor am I that good at it, so no need to tell me. I try and follow the three shape I learned from many youtube tutorials; under the cheekbones, on the tops of the temple/forehead, and under my jawbone. This definitely warms up my face and gives me more slenderness and definition which I am down for if I’ve got the time.

STEP FIVE: Bloosh, or the normal way of saying it, blush. I believe this can easily break a makeup look, too much of this and you’ve entered clown college, not beauty school. Too much is a disaster so you just want to go in with a little. This Jane Iredale cream blush in the colour candid is great because cream blushes, especially this once last longer and hold throughout the day. I put this on a brush before applying it to avoid the dreaded clown syndrome, applying a perfectly smooth amount to the apples of my cheeks and then blending up for balance.

STEP SIX: That glow though. Highlight is probably my favourite part of makeup, the way it looks when it perfectly hits the light and causes you to glisten beautifully, I mean tell me something better. I put my highlight on the top points of my cheekbones, bridge of my nose, and cupids bow. Using a fan-brush gives ease to apply and precision so it doesn’t make your whole face sparkly. Highlight adds so much to your face when applied, this specific one from Physicians formula is a good drugstore option if you don’t want to spend all your earnings on a highlight.

STEP SEVEN: Brows, oh another make or break. More recently filling in your eyebrows have become an essential, especially for me. Since I have blonde hair the ends of my eyebrows just kinda disappear since they are virtually white while the beginning parts of my eyebrows are a light brown, kinda like Shiba Inu eyebrows (yup, the dog). Eyebrows for me 100% transform and complete my face, and I basically won’t leave home without them on.

STEP EIGHT: This is when the fun begins, eyeshadow. Start by going in with a transition shade of a light brown or peachy toned brown, then move into darker browns as a gradient to add more definition to the crease. Now it is time for fun and colour. With the creative reflective packaging, use the Jane Iredale eyeshadow trio with a blend of he lighter purple and darker and apply that all over the lid. These shades are quite lighter when applied than in the pan so I would honestly say using you finger packs the most punch. These muted gentle purple colours keep the eye look gentle get magical. Next, going in with another Urban Decay colour, a lighter lavender, more metallic shade into the inner part of the lid adds more dimension.

STEP NINE: Now here is where the wings come in. The ones in this video are definitely not my best work, preferably they could have been more flicked up and sharper. I didn’t do this on camera because liquid winged eyeliner requires more brain power and stamina than I put into my math homework. Liner can be left out in this look since it is more subtle but I felt it needed it for an extra POP.

STEP TEN: The “pull it all together” step, without mascara you would most likely look insane. This is pretty straight forward on what to do and how, if it’s not I don’t really know if it would make sense that you made it this far. I use a blend of two mascaras; Benefit Roller Lash and Too Faced Better than Sex (review here: This combination is amazing, giving length from Roller Lash and volume from Better than Sex.

STEP ELEVEN: Lipsss! This is when the fun ends with a bang. Here you can put really any lip colour on that makes you happy! I am in love with this lip colour and formula from Jane Iredale in Lisa. This cool toned medium brown is great for my specific pale complexion. It is super moisturizing which makes it go on very smoothly on my lips. The brown ties in the whole look and brings an ere of mystery and sultry to the entire look.



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