So, there’s this senior at PHS whom I have had a major crush on since the beginning of the year. I really want to ask him to prom but there are a couple problems: 1.) He doesn’t know me at all; been an admirer from a distance 2.) I’m afraid of the societal backlashes that I’ll receive from the school community like I am “thirsty” or am just asking him cause I want to be with him….but in all truth, I just want to ask him to prom and I don’t know if I should and if i do, I don’t know how. Please help!!

Okay, deep breaths. This is such a great problem, because you get to solve it! You personally have the capability to resolve this and that’s pretty awesome. How are you going to do this? Well, it is going to require being pretty awesome and courageous. First step…making a move. No no you’re not going to slyly put your hand on his leg or some weird shit like that that you see in movies. You’re just going to talk to him. Time to stop being an admirer from a distance and start being friends. YES… friends. Seriously you have got to tune out this societal backlash stuff. Who cares what society thinks!!! Are you a thirsty hoe? No you are not! You are a teenager who likes someone and wants to do something super cool with them (prom!!!!). I know it’s easier said than done but don’t listen to other people, especially if you know what you want. If there really are haters then they’re the people in the same spot as you who are too chicken to go talk to the guy. They only hate you ‘cause they aint you.

As for asking to the dance, don’t let that be the focus. Make a friend, and if the signs are pointing towards Prom then go for it. You gotta wait it out a little and test the waters first.

Good luck my love! We’re all rooting for you 🙂

I have no inspiration to do anything in school now a days!!! I mainly go to not lose credit in my classes but honestly what even am I doing here anymore?! And there’s three months left how will I survive???? Help!!!!!

Hahahahahaha you are asking the wronggggggg doctor. I think we need to hire an intern doctor (aka an underclassmen) for questions like these cause I don’t even have the energy to give advice anymore. JK. I like to give advice. It is something I actually still do!!

That’s actually what you gotta do though. Find one or two things you really love. Maybe pick one class or one club and focus your energy. Swear that you will give that one thing you junior year self attention. I know any parents reading this will shake their heads and frown. So here, this the answer for all parents to hear—- Don’t give up now! Push through and continue to work hard. You’ve worked so hard for four years why give up now? Devote all your energy to finishing strong.

If you can do that, great. We’re all very proud of you. But if you can’t don’t sweat it. Focus on getting C’s and aboves, and attend class. Think about how interesting the rest of your educational future is going to be and focus on getting there! We’re all going to graduate so don’t sweat it. You will survive (hey hey). Haha lmk if anyone got that Gloria Gaynor reference. ← cheesy jokes are such a good way to procrastinate. Now I’m watching the music video for “I Will Survive.” Good times, ma friend.

Can you talk about mental health? SO many people (including a large number of PHS students) struggle everyday. Personally I know many are ashamed, looked down upon, & a lot people just don’t understand.

This is such an important topic and I’m glad you brought it up. I want this column to be a place where anyone can ask anything whether it be something silly or serious. Of course this is an extremely expansive topic and there is no way to address everything about it in one question. With that being said I encourage anyone to ask anything more specific if they want to, as I don’t want anyone to feel like I skimmed the subject.

No single person can ever understand another person’s struggles with mental illness. It is something so unfortunately unique to every individual. What we can do though is try to understand. The mere attempt to do so is encouraging to anyone in this situation. I just finished reading and watching 13 Reasons Why (writing a review, keep an eye out) the number one thing the show points out is how oblivious we all are to each other. Nobody picks up on everything, but we need to try harder. This show/book has left me feeling haunted. I am now keenly attuned to every word that leaves my mouth and how it could affect someone else. It is critical to never belittle someone else. Even if you think you have it worse, you really never know.

And to those who are ashamed and feel looked down upon, you’re not alone. You’re never alone. Some people don’t understand and there’s nothing to do about those people except forget about them, and find people who do (or come somewhat close to understanding).

You’re not alone. I know I’m being repetitive but it can’t be said enough. More on this later, I promise.


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