“That’s not actually what she looks like”

“It’s like she’s lying to him”

“Who is she trying to impress?”

“Oh she must be super insecure”

“Or… maybe, just maybe… she just likes wearing makeup for herself?!”

“PSH… NOOooo”

Ever heard something like this before? I have, a overwhelming amount of times, and quite frankly I am sick of it. There is a very prevalent stigma surrounding girls who wear a lot of makeup. The fact that if a girl has decided to cover up her blemishes, or created art on her eyelids then she MUST be insanely insecure. She just needs to wear makeup to impress others, *sigh*.

Tragic, isn’t it? These poor insecure souls piling makeup onto their faces for the attention and approval of society, oh please will someone just save them!

Huh, I think not.

But this is something people actually think. That makeup= insecurity. Not that, perhaps makeup is fun and a pleasure to put on- come on. Not a time to just sit and be with yourself and put a brave face to conquer the day, oh please.

Anyone who thinks like this has it so wrong and I just want to try and get the makeup wearing record straight.

I LOVE MAKEUP. I love spending time of my day doing it, because it is enjoyable for me and calms me down in the morning when I am really dreading the bio test I have to take first period. Makeup is a self expression, like clothing, it can represent how you are feeling internally in an external way.

There are innumerable combinations of eyeshadows, blushes, lipsticks; so many products that make every day exciting and a way to feel new. Hell, I do my makeup in my free time when I just feel like it and have nowhere to go after. I experiment on my face, take a few bomb-ass selfies, take it all off and go back to my That 70s Show Netflix binge. Just. For. Fun.

Now, I’m not saying girls are the only people who wear makeup ’cause I’ve seen the Instagram guys who are much better artists than I will ever be. But that stigma is a whole other story. It is undeniable that there are so many people today that when they see a girl who has caked her face on think that she’s “disgusting” or “sad” or even “pathetic”.  I say, keeping inside that closed minded box, that’s pathetic. 

“That’s not actually what she looks like”

Oh so makeup = magic? It rearranges my bone structure and gives me all new features? Because last time I checked it just accentuates the features I already have. Makeup is not instant temporary plastic surgery, it is just some liquids and powders that go on your face for the hell of trying to look nice and have a good time.

“It’s like she’s lying to him”

Oh am I lying? Reeeally? Am I giving a different name? Am I changing my personality? I don’t think so. I am not lying to anyone, I am just wearing makeup. He can see that I am wearing it, he knows, it’s not something  I’m trying to keep hushed on the DL. It’s on my face, it’s highly visible, he can see it. I think a guy would be smart enough to infer my eyelashes are not naturally jet black, or that the high points of my cheek, nose, and cupids bow don’t glisten perfectly in the sun like an angel- naturally.

“Who is she trying to impress?”

Oh honey, just every guy see. I hope and pray that I can just get one heavenly glance from one male passer-by thanks to the makeup on my face. Yeahhh, NO. I am impressing myself with my incredible makeup skills and fierce wings on my eyes that are so sharp they could cut someone who says otherwise. Try me.

“Oh she must be super insecure”

Yes this can be a semi-valid point. A lot of people use makeup to cover the things they don’t like. But that doesn’t make them insecure, that makes them human. No one is 100% confident in the way they look, everyone wants to change something and sometimes makeup can help you get a little closer to that.

I started out using makeup because of my insecurities and I wanted to cover them up, but now I wear makeup because I truly love to do it and love to be creative though makeup. Just because someone is wearing make doesn’t make them insecure, everyone is different and everyone loves to just play around with their makeup and have fun with it.

Beyond the sarcasm and disses, the stereotype surrounding girls that wear a lot of makeup needs to end. Society, and the people in it, need to open their minds up and realize that makeup is FUN and creative and experimental and exciting and honestly just a good time. So people who love to make fun of girls who wear makeup, get your minds out of you small little gutter and think from another perspective, a perspective of a makeup lover who is just trying to give herself some “me” time and express herself.


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