I’m from Jersey, and we don’t get out of school until late June here, so April is still counted as a sort of intermediate month. But it’s a warm intermediate month and therefore it is my favorite.

This month’s theme is Magic, because as the Earth turns greener, people start to smile more. We get a little sun kissed (sun-burnt on my end but whatever) and it is a little enchanting how we all tend to wakeup alongside the earth.

Besides all the mushy-gushy earth-love, magic is cool. I like things that cannot be explained- like my emotional fluctuations. Magic is relatable. It just gets us adolescents. It’s a little be senseless and a little bit calculated and if that isn’t high school in a nutshell then I don’t know what is.

So this month, as you submit and read, do so with a tinge of magic in your mind. Keep it mysterious and mystical and fun. Pull a bunny out of your hat, show us what you have up your sleeve, believe in fairies, but above all, enjoy the Mag.

– Jamaica Ponder


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