I need cash, FAST. What are some quick things I can do to get the ball rolling? I’m just tryna get my balance in the double digits here…not rob a bank. I want to be able to go to Olives at break without the humiliation of hearing, “I’m sorry, It’s been declined.”

Yes! I like how you phrased this. If you had just asked how to get money, I would have said that I do not have an answer for you, but I do have some ways for you to kickstart a career. So let’s get right to it.

First we must channel your inner traits. Are you fun-loving, exuberant, and good with kids? Are you exceedingly intelligent and patient to a fault? Or are you subdued, mellow and individualistic? Whatever combination of things you are, it is important to recognize them and then check if these traits are compatible with the work you’re considering doing.

Now that you’ve looked at yourself closely (oh hey there, cutie), take a peek at some of these ideas and decide what would work best for you…




      • Okay, so this seems obvious but I had to put it out there. A lot of athletes/busy teens may not be able to commit to a part time job, but if you have flexibility and time to take a walk down Nassau Street (or whatever your main drag is) and inquire within, you might be surprised at what you’ll find. Whether it’s scooping ice cream or folding shirts, employers tend to be nicer to high schoolers than you’d expect. It’s okay to not have anything to put in your “Previous Employers” section. Everyone has to start somewhere. I recommend visiting the local businesses (maybe not Starbucks or TGIFridays, local businesses are fun and a more cultural experience to start with) and finding something that works with your schedule. This is a great transition into the real world, and there truly is nothing better than looking into your bank account and suddenly having $300.00+ from the past two weeks of work. So. Awesome.




      • Probably the second most obvious choice. However a really great option if you can’t commit to “work work” and you don’t mind kids. My recommendation for this is to ask around and find out who babysits for who. Then shoot a text to as many parents as possible saying “Hi (insert introduction and name if you don’t know them), so and so gave me your number. I’m interested in babysitting if you ever need a new sitter. I can’t promise I’ll always be available, but wanted to put myself on your radar.” Trust me when I say new parents LOVE this. This also gives you the flexibility to pick and choose when you want to sit. Personally, I try to only take night gigs (unless I love love the kids) because then you get paid to do your homework once the kids are asleep. If you can’t find phone numbers, think about your neighborhood and knock on some doors. Old school style.




      • I can’t really give too much advice on this because I struggle parting with my neon green nail polish from the 6th grade. But based on what my mom is always telling me, clutter sells. Go through your stuff and either list it on Ebay (if we’re talking technology) or throw yourself a mini garage sale. This is only a one time deal of course but you could earn a solid 100$ on a nice sunday afternoon. Why not give it a shot?




      • Aight there are so many weird things you can do out there. Take some surveys, read some articles, rate some pictures. Honestly the world is your oyster with the internet. I know I’ve googled ways to earn quick cash. I mean I literally just did it while I was writing this. Hence this whole bullet point. Now you know my secrets. But seriously, there are some sketchy and non-sketchy sites you can refer to. You can also set up profiles for babysitting (, or for finding jobs locally ( Thank God for dis technology.




      • I’ve earned a few bucks in my day shining shoes, washing cars, sealing envelopes, and filing stuff. Your parents might really appreciate you helping with some odd jobs around the house or work, especially if it’s your idea. Just don’t be too greedy, they do pay for your whole life and you go one penny over and they’ll hit you with that fact. If they don’t have anything, ask them to ask their networks. Maybe your mom’s assistant needs some papers shredded or your dad’s best friend needs a ride to the doctor cause he broke his foot. No harm in asking.




    • I’m kidding. Do not do this. DO. NOT. DO. THIS. This was a joke. This is a joke. Nobody take it any other way. Drugs are bad, and selling them is worse. Never resort to this. Why resort to this when you have a whole beautiful list of legal, wonderful things to do instead!!??

$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$Good luck, go get that cash money$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

This post costs $5.00 to read. Please proceed to the next page to complete payment.


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