If you have been saying I really want to cut my hair short but I’m too scared to, now is the absolute perfect time to pursue this. In other words, this is the sign you’ve been waiting for!!!! This look gives you a look of class and maturity, while keeping it fun and cute. By cutting off most of your hair, you cut yourself off from the past and can focus more clearly on the present. Not to get too deep into it, but this subtle change honestly changes your perspective on life.

This haircut is versatile, and lets people know that you are hard working, but know how to party. Not only does it look freaking great, it also feels wonderful to get rid of the dead ends. It literally (and figuratively!) feels like a weight has been lifted off your shoulders, while additionally keeping your hair happy and healthy.

The one precaution I would take is this: you must be mentally prepared to say goodbye to half of your hair (that is, assuming you are going from at least just under the boob length hair to having shoulder length hair). Almost everybody that cuts their hair off immediately thinks that it is too short, and that they miss their old hair. You WILL miss your long hair, but once you get used to your new hair you’ll never want to go back!


Being someone who has walked around with colorful hair since the fifth grade, I truly believe that dyed hair is always in style. Wearing a fun and exciting color can help show everyone around you that you’re independent and well in touch with your artistic persona. In addition, having dyed hair somewhat guarantees daily genuine compliments, which can empower you as an individual. This maybe one of the styles that is harder to achieve, since dying your hair can be very damaging.

Unless you are experienced or know somebody that is experienced with hair dying, I would suggest the investment of a professional hairstylist. However, I do know it is very expensive, so check back here for a DIY on hair dying, and my tips on how to save your hair in the process.


Something I have really been channeling lately is doing all different types of braids. The fact that the majority of the female population somehow have the knowledge on taking some hair and making a beautiful twist in it, that’s amazing to me. Truthfully, you can really never go wrong with braids! This suits people that have frizzy or dry hair, because putting your hair into braids makes it more compact and less of a hassle. It also allows you to get your hair out of the way when you’re playing sports, doing work, etc. while making it look really intricate and beautiful. Here are some of the specific hairstyles I wear with braids:


IMG_0686~ Using only the top half of the head, split your hair down you hair parting. Each part will be designated their own french braid. Take one section, french braid the hair starting from the hairline down to the middle of the head, adding in hair until you reach the bottom part that is sectioned off. Do not continue to french braid, and instead regular braid the rest of the hair, and leave the bottom half of your hair down. This hairstyle is essentially two french braided pigtails in a half-up style.


IMG_0688~ similar concept, except this time create little sections: one off the center of the top of the head, and two on each side of the head. Dutch braid until you’ve reached the middle of the head, then pull half of the hair into a half-up with the three braids included.

SPACE BUNSIMG_0687I really enjoy how it looks when you tie up the hair surrounding the face because it shows off your face, your makeup, and your jewelry, whilst leaving half of it down allowing you to give some of the focus to how great your hair looks too. As for the buns, this is more of a practical hairstyle, and gives the regular bun-head a graceful and playful look. Even though this hairstyle might give you throwback zenon vibes, it is definitely something to be tried and loved for 2017. Plus the lil’ buns are so cute.

SHAVED SIDESIMG_0689This hairstyle gives a really nice fade from the long hair on top to the shaved undercut. This cut will give you a classic, clean, and sleek look. It’s great for those indecisive ones that can’t decide whether they like long or short hair better, because this one combines the two in an elegant way. It’s also perfect for those with thick and/or curly and wavy hair because it gets rid of the messiness on the sides but lets you keep the fun and volume on top, giving you the perfect balance of hair.

This might be difficult to achieve in the cold weather, however as someone that has had an undercut, I can tell you from personal experience that shaving even a little bit of your head is very liberating when it is hot out. The breeze that you feel on the back of your head actually helps a lot with overheating, so it is quite practical. This look is good if you want to give off the impression that you are spontaneous and are ready for anything that comes your way.

All photos taken by Selia and Clarissa.


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