no rainfall of guns and poison

no little kids to be annoying

no happy meals to put the toys in

no mess of things to put in storage

no plants to reap or sow or forage

no cowardice, or men of courage

no goldilocks, no beds or porridge

no verses, hooks, rests, or chorus

no muslims, catholics, jews, or mormons

no burning of our wild forrest

no city streets filled with tourists

no congress-formed decisions for us

no eyeglass lens to obscure us

no flowers, chocolate, machine gun torrents

no shouts from heaven, no rejoicing

no occupations, no unemployment

no stimulation or enjoyment

no television screens to bore us

no gravity or sun to orbit

no Bibles, Qurans, Vedas, or Toras

no police searches without warrants

no stings or bites from pesky hornets

no winning, losing, or any forfeits

no evil trying to destroy us

at the end of the performance

down below the world lies dormant


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