My skin is OILY. I have been made fun of on numerous occasions for taking out blotting sheets in the middle a class lecture. It has come to the point where people outside of my friend circle have noticed this and teased me for it, but hey! I CAN’T HELP IT. I’m just over here trying to prevent pimples and get rid of the disgusting layer of oil that sits on the surface of my skin all day, sorry.

I understand the struggle for all my oily skin, makeup loving girls out there, it’s rough. With the new dewy foundation look being in while knowing that, for you, that would be a nightmare. Whenever I am shopping for a foundation and reading labels, if it doesn’t say matte it is going right back on the shelf, because that dewy skin look is just something oily gals will never be able to wear. Because to me when I hear “dewy” or “luminous” all I can think about is the oil, grease, and pimples it will cause.

With the weather getting warmer and warmer I am not about to put a foundation on that will triple tie amplify my “dewy” complexion. I need something that will cancel out the increasing oils that will just get worse and worse into summer, and I know you do too.

I love me a matte foundation, anything to help hide all the oil and all the pimples said oil has caused. Now, I too would not recommend a daily dose of foundation to the face if you are a victim of oily AF skin because that is not going to help your skin out. But when you are going out on the town and really just want to feel yourself with a beat face, here are some foundations that you and your oily skin can love and cherish until the dewy look is no longer a FAD and matte is back.




First off, just having the word matte in the title is a heavenly sound when it comes to having oily skin. This is a powder foundation which is a major plus because powders are used to control oils and mattify the face, so when that is combined with a foundation it also adds coverage. This is a medium priced foundation at about $29, which may seem steep to some but for true makeup addicts that is a very reasonable price for a great product.


GET HERE:!google!Product_Listing_Ads&cagpspn=pla&CATCI=pla-195123582510&CAAGID=23551035150&CAWELAID=772014739&catargetid=330000200000778213&cadevice=c&gclid=CjwKEAjw5M3GBRCTvpK4osqj4X4SJAABRJNCSrguFuPNEq-UG_jbpJIEUO_03knSU1XiaR3N8By4mRoC61bw_wcB




The price of this is really what sells it for me, only around $6! I would recommend this foundation for those of you who are not the most into makeup, or more spending money on makeup. It gives great results on mattifying your face and keeping those oils in check without spending all your money from your minimum wage job.





This is not just a foundation that will keep your oils at bay, but will help cancel out those hated pimples that your oily skin provides you with. I love this foundation while my skin is getting especially bad if I have skipped a few washes, cause hey it happens. By using this it covers up all you want it to while helping get rid of pimples and decreasing oils, and coming it at around a reasonable $34.99, since it also helps clear your skin. One major reason this foundation is good for more acne prone skin is the salicylic acid, which is also especially helpful for surface level pesky pimples and helps with period related breakouts.





Calling all makeup OBSESSED. This foundation is for you. The coverage is like no else, it really does “lock” everything in. This foundation gives you a matte and full coverage finish. This is more for those who love to get all done up and do their makeup to the max. This is not a soft, for the faint of heart foundation. It will really cover what you want it to. When it comes to having oily skin this is a benefit because accompanying oily skin is usually pimples and acne, so the purpose of foundation is to cover that all up, and this will! The price of this one at about $35 is actually good value for what you are getting if you are really into getting your coverage on and keep the acne and oils hidden.





Ahh the best for last for me. I am in love with this foundation because it really works for me to keep those oil blotting sheets I love and use so much at the bottom of my bag. This is really a matte foundation and will keep your face that way, say goodbye to the pesky oils that just like to chill on the surface of your skin. I love this because it is affordable while giving results, because yes even though makeup is amazing sometimes my bank just cry’s a little when I buy it. It costs around $10.59 which is really amazing for the results it is. I would compare this to many high end foundation and still love it just the same.



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