1. a nutrient-rich food considered to be especially beneficial for health and well-being.

Well if you like to eat and you want to naturally improve your health, super foods are the right thing for you. There are a lot of super foods out there, ranging from things you eat often that are an essential item in the kitchen to things that you have never heard of. I’m here to share my four favorites right now and introduce you to something new. Welcome to the super food spotlight.

Super foods might just be the best things ever. They are vibrant, beautiful and have well-balanced, natural benefits. They can range from simple things that you eat often, to things that you have never heard of. They can be a variety of different shapes, sizes and colors, and I am here to share my four favorites right now. Welcome to Super Food Spotlight.

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Olive Oil:

That is, extra virgin olive oil to be exact. Extra virgin olive oil is made from the first pressing of olives. The first pressing creates oil low in acid with a delicate flavor and an increased concentration in polyphenols, micronutrients in our diet that help prevent the emergence of cancer and other cardiovascular diseases. One tablespoon of this rich oil is suggested for daily consumption, it is important to use moderation because we all know that with a couple slices of bread we could easily devour a cup of this stuff, which could be more harmful than helpful in the long run. But don’t worry, Olive oil is a monounsaturated fat, the healthy fat, with a high concentration of vitamin E, and is also known for protecting against oxidative damage, slowing the aging process and the early stages of diseases. Olive oil can play a role in lowering total cholesterol, blood pressure and can even help to regulate your blood pressure. My favorite way to use olive oil is to flavor it and drizzle it over roasted veggies, pasta dishes or avocado toasts. Add a sprig of rosemary, some hot peppers, smashed cloves of garlic or even some thyme to elevate your olive oil and give it a strong, aromatic flavor and make your next dish that much better.

Closeup of an organic spirulina algae powder in a wooden spoon
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This blue-green algae is a freshwater plant that is one of the most researched and most talked about superfoods today. Grown around the world from Mexico to Africa to even Hawaii, spirulina is renowned for its intense flavor and even more powerful nutrition profile! Affecting people all over the globe, chronic arsenic toxicity is a problem and spirulina can be the answer. Spirulina detoxes the body of heavy metals, specifically Arsenic which builds up over time through drinking water. It also helps to balance the microflora in our bodies, making us much less susceptible to sickness and disease. This superfood can also help improve HIV/AIDS, help to prevent cancer, and lower blood pressure and reduce cholesterol. Not only can this super algae help to prevent sickness in the future but it also boosts energy, keeping you your charming self throughout the day, aids weight loss, helping us metabolize quickly, and can even alleviate sinus issues,helping us with the deficit of sandpapery tissues in our school. I just bought a bag of Spirulina at Whole Foods and have been putting a scoop of it in my smoothies, a sprinkle on top of my yogurt and have even tried putting a little bit of it into my curry. Have fun with this one because it might just make you live 22943 years longer!

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Not only does chia grow into a cool pet, but chia seeds are loaded with nutrients that can have important benefits for your body and brain.This plant grows natively in South America and were an important food for the Aztecs and Mayans… in fact, “chia” is the ancient Mayan word for “strength.” Chia has high amounts of protein, fiber, Manganese and magnesium, as well as a decent amount of Zinc, Vitamin B3 (Niacin), Potassium, Vitamin B1 (Thiamine) and Vitamin B2. These bad boys are commonly labeled the most nutritious foods on the planet. Chia seeds are high in antioxidants that help to protect against cancer, ageing and other diseases. They are also high in quality protein, much higher than most plant foods. Protein is the most weight loss friendly macronutrient and can drastically reduce mid-day cravings and appetite, making chia seeds a perfect breakfast supplement. Whether you make a chia seed pudding or just sprinkle some on top of your yogurt or in your smoothie, chia is the perfect addition to your breakfast and will keep you full until lunch.

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Pomegranates contain strong antioxidants and properties that can help prevent fatty deposits from building up around our arteries. This buildup may lead to heart attacks and other heart problems. Rich in potassium, vitamin C, polyphenols and vitamin B6, pomegranates are real phytochemical powerhouses and they may also have two to three times the antioxidant power of equal amounts of green tea or red wine. Research has shown that drinking pomegranate juice (made from the fruit’s seeds) improved blood flow, lowered blood pressure and regulated blood sugar levels. Add pomegranate seeds to fruit salads, sprinkle over oatmeal, toss in green salads, blend in smoothies, stir into yogurt and mix into muffin and pancake batters. My favorite way to eat them is sprinkled over yogurt, topped with a drizzle of honey and some sliced up bananas, but experiment with this fun fruit, put them in both savory and sweet dishes for a burst of color and to up your superfood game.


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