In a constantly moving world, whether you are racing to class to make it before the bell,  speeding through town to make it to work before your shift starts, or running to the sports field before your coach yells at you for being late, everything is rushed and everything is tense.

Having time to just sit and breathe is dwindling. Can you remember the last time you sat in silence without any outside distractions, just breathing (and not sleeping)? The fact is, with our lives going from place to place in a matter of seconds, it doesn’t give us much time to just relax.

There are two things in particular that I have found helpful in regards to winding down from the everyday stresses of life: yoga and meditation.

Yoga can provide you a relaxing, yet semi-intense workout. For an hour or more, you focus on being in the studio and stretching your stresses away. It is something that keeps you both physically and mentally healthy. After yoga you get that “wow, I just did that” feeling as well as the “wow, I feel so calm and rejuvenated” feeling you rarely ever feel after most workouts. Yoga is the perfect exercise if you want a space to de-stress and have a comfortable workout.

Now, meditation on the other hand is way to just relax without any actual, necessary effort. The idea (from a very basic amateur view) is to just let go and let your mind wander off while focusing on where you are in the present moment, feeling yourself relax. The point is not to think about whatever it might be that is stressing you out, but rather to let any negative thoughts float away on a metaphorical cloud (something I have heard a lot of from yoga instructors).

Both yoga and meditation are easy to pick up and can be done by basically anyone. Whether practiced at home or in a yoga studio, there are so many options for having time to relax in your schedule.





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