Those of you who have read my bio on this wonderful website will know that I’ve pretty much dedicated these last two years of high school to transforming myself into different characters on a daily(-ish) basis. (It all depends on whether or not I’ve done my laundry.)

However, as much as I may lust after the newest Vetements collaboration or the latest Public School collection, I don’t exactly have sky-high stacks of Franklins hidden in my linen closet. And while I could easily drop my minimum wage paycheck at Forever 21 or Zara each week, fast fashion isn’t my absolute faaaavorite thing. (Watch Kristin Leo’s vid called “The Richest Criminal in the World.”) The solution? Second hand stuff, of course. This doesn’t just refer to your local Salvation Army, although that’s not a bad place to start. Second hand can include relatives’ closets, friends’ clothes, and apps like Depop or Poshmark. 

Below, I’ve compiled a few of my favorite LOOQS to wear to school. Keep in mind that although almost all of it is second hand, there are a few items (an old pair of Converse, the top in Look 1, and my Teva’s) that I bought retail. I definitely don’t shop first-hand most of the time, but these three just worked well with some outfits.


80s TRACK TEAM CAPTAIN: Allow me paint you a picture. It was late July of 2016. My Depop was starting to get some attention, and people were buying the clothes that I had boastfully sported in middle school. (A royal blue LOVE PINK quarter zip, anyone?) I had to update the shop, so I was going through boxes of my parents’ old clothes that were stored in the garage, when I came across this gem of a track suit. I tried to sell it because I needed the cash, but in the end, nobody wound up buying it, and I kept it for myself. Here, I paired it with a spaghetti strap top and a pair of Converse sneakers that I’ve had since freshman year lol.

IMG_0198IMG_0200IMG_0203IMG_0206SECRETARY NAMED MRS. DONNA PRICE: This look features a pair of Tommy boots that I got off of Depop, a skirt that used to belong to my mom’s rich friend, glasses that I found in my kitchen cabinet, my mom’s old yellow turtleneck top, and a thrifted cardigan. A cute anecdote to go with this look: One time, I coincidentally matched my fricken substitute teacher with this cardi. It was mortifying.

IMG_0213IMG_0214IMG_0224DAD MEETS RONALD MCDONALD: This one’s really self-explanatory; it’s a white dad look with some fast food overtones. Baggy jeans from Depop, a $5 thrifted t-shirt, and a youth-size sweatshirt from Depop as well. Pair that with your *real* dad’s old jacket, and you’re set. Bonus points if you wear it inside out and/or backwards.

IMG_0229IMG_0243IMG_0245IMG_02522000s MOD (-ISH) GIRL: I honestly wear this exact outfit an average of four to six times a week. The dress is thrifted, and the best way I can describe it is as somewhat of a mod-like piece. (I really don’t know a fricken thing about fashion history, so if you can correct me, please do.) Although I never buy leather first-hand, this jacket was also an old favorite of my mom’s rich friend (the same one from Look 2), and I think it looks cool with the yellow dress. I picked a flashy, thrifted Guess purse to add a bit of 2000s glam, as well as white socks and Teva’s to finish.


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