Strappy, plunging, black as night

my dress- revealing

Showing a bit much? It fits a night

like this night where the lights are low and all is not right


Music pounding, my heart sounding

and I, feeling like a could collapse into a chair,

wouldn’t dare

because we keep dancing and drinking and partying, not thinking

Together, just friends on the floor

moving our dresses, our feet, our hair

We’re saying “We don’t care!”

about them


Except him


Out of the corner of my eye I spy…

A guy

It’s you

Yes, you


He glances-              then stares


At me

This girl over here


It doesn’t make sense, he is dancing with a girl that isn’t me

His blue eyes wander again,

He wants to be free?


I have no idea if it’s real,

Does he even feel?

Do I want it to be so? my feelings don’t match up either.

My eyes start to seek yours, possibly all you,

maybe neither


It seems now that I am the starer and you the stared at,

Funny how that happened, the inverse of where we started at


But still I observed…


Your hand traveling lower, your hand running through her hair

Moving in to kiss her— then to me, that stare



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