The use of essential oils, crystals, and cupping can date back to over seven thousand years ago, essential oils first being introduced in Ancient Egypt. So it makes sense that something that has been used for so long works so well. However, many people know nothing about these types of natural healing, especially in America where Western medicine is the norm. However there is a reason why these types of healing have stood the test of time and in my article below I describe a brief synopsis of my experience with cupping and my recent favorite crystal. I first got into these remedies when after suffering from a severe concussion over three years ago, turning to an Eastern medicine and an acupuncturist for relief after Western medicine failed me. It was there where I learned about essential oils, cupping, crystals, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, and other forms of natural healing.  Since then, I have discovered a world of natural healing, one which has in turn made me more in tune with myself and those around me. I now use all of these things regularly to make me a stronger person physically and mentally.




My favorite treatment this month has to be the infamous cupping. There are two different types of cupping that I have experienced, one is the typical glass and fire method and one is the DIY silicone method. My specific acupuncturist has used glass cups on me a couple times, and from my limited experience, I can honestly say it was extremely helpful. I am however more familiar with silicone cupping which is something you can do at home (again, thanks Mom!). Silicone ups can be easily purchased on Amazon and you would still get similar results to a professional glass cupping. I would strongly recommend being advised by an expert on placing of the cups, but with the right guidance, relief at home is possible. I use cupping whenever I have sore muscles, especially on my shoulder. Cupping works by pulling blood to the said region which stimulates healing and adds energy. It can help with tight muscles and increases the amount of blood flow to the particular part of the body, thus more healing. Definitely consult with a professional before performing any sort of cupping on yourself but if possible, cupping gives amazing relief.


Okay I know that this is EXTREMELY basic but I have to say, quartz has been a recent love of mine. Quartz is not only very common to find but it is extremely versatile, as it can be used to treat any type of ailment. I have a specific quartz stone that is my dearest crystal in my collection and when I am having a stressful day or have been having bad dreams, I’ll tuck it into my pillowcase for when I sleep. Quartz is also good to energize other crystals so it’s always a good add to your collection, just don’t forget to charge it at a window with sunlight/moonlight. Quartz can help make you more energetic, because of its absorption, amplification, balancing, focusing, and transmitting properties. Quartz can help with manifestation, healing, meditation, and is a great universal energy.

*As a disclaimer I would like to say that I am not a certified medical professional, nor an expert in essential oils, just someone with an abundance of knowledge of natural health that I would love to share. Also if you do want to try cupping please talk to a medical professional beforehand*



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