Recently, I’ve stumbled upon some art shows in the New York area and thought it would be best to share for all my fellow art hoes.

This Friday, I went to Chelsea, New York City, an area rich with art galleries, to check out some crazy contemporary work. So if you’re bored and happen to be between West 22nd and 24th street between 10th and 11th, here are some of the coolest exhibitions to see right now.

Currently showing at the Andrea Rosen Gallery (http://www.andrearosengallery.com/exhibitions/elliott-hundley_2017-02-10), is the Elliott Hundley show. A long time inspiration for my own work, Hundley is known for his insane mixed media pieces. working with photography, collage, paint, pins and loads of color, this show will not fail to impress. most every piece works with three- dimensionality — Hundley carves into his pieces, filling the spaces with fabric, bowls and ceramic pieces, and builds out of them using pins, paper and paint. I strongly suggest you see this show, but hurry!!! It ends March 11.


Pieces by Elliot Hundley

If color isn’t really your thing and you’re looking for a different type of craziness, check out the Tara Donovan show at Pace Gallery (http://www.pacegallery.com/exhibitions/12851/tara-
donovan). Donovan makes obsessive designs by stacking and gluing white cards in various different patterns. These works are fascinating to look at from up close, as you can see the intense labor it took Donovan to create these masterpieces. from afar, the designs are trippy and could even be seen as an optical illusion. These pieces will be on display until March 18.

Artwork by Tara Donovan
Another brand of trippy can be seen at the after image show at Cassina Projects (http://www.cassinaprojects.com/current). Toby Ziegler and Paul Kneale are two artists who work to bring the digital world into art. With an eye-catching video playing through the window, this space will draw you into the colorful and technical world; be sure to go all the way to the back of the exhibit! These unique, large-scale pieces will definitely make you question the different ways that technology can be seen as beautiful. See these fun pieces before April 15.

Artwork by Paul Kneale
If you’re looking to hit many birds with one stone, you can check out the Hauser & Wirth Gallery (https://www.hauserwirth.com/exhibitions/3069/serialities/view/ , https://www.hauserwirth.com/exhibitions/3068/jack-whitten/view/). On the bottom floor, Jack Whitten’s work is on display. This show features a lot of mosaic work, which, from afar, may not seem very appealing, but as you step closer to the pieces subtle colors and glitter emerge.

Artwork by Jack Whitten
If this isn’t your style, head up the stars to the Serialities Show, featuring series work from Cindy Sherman, Sol Lewitt, Mark Wallinger, Annie Lebovitz and a plethora of others. With eccentric and captivating art in multiple mediums, this two-floor show will have something for you. Get there before: April 8.

Exhibit by Mark Wallinger
Have fun exploring, fellow art hoes.



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