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Here on Earth, humans for whatever reason enjoy assigning emotions to otherwise emotionless and intangible things. Even though it makes no sense, it is really invigorating to adhere to this notion because it just makes life so much more interesting. I play with the lighting and the colors to portray certain emotions and give viewers a feeling of liminality or electricity. And, for whatever reason, capturing and viewing the way people (such as my friends)  use their bodies and faces to act and react to their surroundings is comforting to me.


Everybody is different at the same time that everybody is alike We all strive for the same things, and it is so crazy how every person’s story on getting there is different. Life is too valuable to waste time on worrying about things that are out of our control. It is useless to spend time emitting unwanted hatred onto others. Some people excel in certain areas where others don’t, however, something that requires no talent whatsoever is being courteous, kind, and caring to others. 


I have started out talking about my photos and transitioned into something much more meaningful, and I think that this process is ultimately what I wish for the audience to go through. I want to give something to people that will translate from a visual experience to a mental and moral one.


These photographs are taken by both myself and my best friend, Clarissa. We use my DSLR camera, which is a Canon Rebel t5i to take the photos.



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