Hollywood is yelling what is on their mind, and all of us watching are hearing every word. The actresses, actors, directors, and singers are all using their audience and platform to scream a message of unity to all of those at home, and all those in a big white house.

We have all bared witness to this rise in non politicians speaking out against, a certain someone I prefer to call Drumpf, his real family name (if needed you can look that up).During this award season almost everyone has had a dig or outright “call out post” on Drumpf. At the SAG awards there was Stranger Things’, David Harbour, who almost yelled his speech about sheltering the outcasts “when we are at a loss admost the hypocrisy”. Winona Ryder’s confused, uncomfortable, yet agreeing facial expressions had the internet roaring with memes, but the point Harbour intended to make was still made and moved many. On top of that, the Golden Globes supplied us with the all powerful Meryll Streep and her acceptance speech for the Cecil B. DeMille Award which had any feminist on their feet.

Then the more recent Oscars had a reel of not-so-subtle digs at Drumpf and his obnoxious tweeting habits. This uproar of influential people standing together against someone who is so persistent on dividing helps keep a community together. By creating this union of entertainment and activism it motivates the rest of the American people who see their idols fighting for what they believe in, and fighting for what is right. The more people who speak out against a fascist, bigoted, racist, the more people who have been bashed and discriminated against by his cut throat words will feel like they are a part of the “United” States of America.

Those in the entertainment industry constantly have the spotlight on them and the mass platform to be able to hold an audience and ensure that people listen. Listen to what needs to be said, listen to what others are scared to say, listen to someone standing up to a bully that insists on separating and provoking fear in anyone who dares to be different. As more and more prominent figures in the entertainment industry use their power and audience that relishes and praises every word they say, the more motion the movement of unity and condemning injustice gains. By doing so, the more momentum we as a community gain against someone so insistent on instilling hatred, and battle him against the policies that are created to split and shake us.


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