Your birth control shouldn’t control you.

It comes in many forms: pill, a patch, a ring, and others that I probably missed in Teen Pep. For most sexually active women it is seen as a necessity for unexpectedly becoming pregnant, but for those most it is un-affordable. Birth control.

We as women are somehow punished for having vaginas by the capitalist industry. From the tampon tax, to the extreme cost of the pill we are put through the ringer to scrape up money for our basic womanly needs. These high prices teach women in a sly way to be ashamed of their bodies, not wanting to become pregnant, and their sexuality.

Birth control, something needed yet something unattainable for most.

I want my daughters (when I’m ready for them) to be able to affordably purchase birth control and not have to feel as though it is taboo while they bring it up to the checkout desk. This stigma around the fact that birth control is something that shouldn’t be talked about, and in some views even used at all, perpetuates the conceived notion that women should be ashamed of having a sexual drive. The average price of birth control per month is $32.50, which to some may not seem like too much but adding it for a lifespan from the average age you get your period to the average age a woman starts menopause comes to a whooping total of $15,210 (yes I did the math).

This amount is unrealistic for those not wanting to become pregnant, to people that live off food stamps, and honestly to most Americans that don’t want to lose $15,210. Unfortunately, birth control has become luxury reserved for the few. This system tells women that simply want sex for pleasure that there is an inherent cost to their actions and that they have to pay up.

Sex comes with a cost, and not just death and the crazy STI’s they tell you in your shitty public school health class, but an actual cost, with real money. For too long society has placed women’s sexuality on a high platform that even women can’t reach. Decreasing the monetary burdens placed on women’s sexuality is integral achieving sexual equality.

Women deserve this freedom to think simply; the freedom to not think at all.


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