Pomegranate & Me; A playlist for some tangy music & upbeat chill


I love this playlist because it has just the right mix of upbeat songs and zany weird stuff. I usually listen to it on mornings when I get to sleep late; it’s good for making breakfast — french toast especially — and artistic musings. These tracks are usually dancing through my headphones during art class, although not on days when I really need to get things done (it’s better for slow moving creativity). It hosts many different artists, all of which have other music you should definitely check out (I’ve been listening to Cults a lot recently & the Flaming Lips’ new album is pretty wild), so it’s a good place to gather new sounds from. I usually try to come up with weird names for my playlists based on one song I have in mind (in this case, it was “The High Road” by Broken Bells). I thought that pomegranates represented the type of vibe I wanted for the playlist — bright and flavorful. I added the extra “tete” for kicks. Happy listening you crazy kids.

-Ella B.



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