The use of essential oils, crystals, and cupping can date back to over seven thousand years ago, essential oils first being introduced in Ancient Egypt. So it makes sense that something that has been used for so long works so well. However many people know nothing about these types of natural healing, especially in America where Western medicine is the norm. However there is a reason why these types of healing have stood the test of time and in my article below I describe three essential oils I love and a drink with essential oils that keeps me naturally energized. I first got into these remedies when after suffering from a severe concussion over three years ago, turning to an Eastern medicine and an acupuncturist for relief after Western medicine failed me. It was there where I learned about essential oils, cupping, crystals, acupuncture, cranial sacral therapy, and other forms of natural healing.  Since then, I have discovered a world of natural healing, one which has in turn made me more in tune with myself and those around me. I now use all of these things regularly to make me a stronger person physically and mentally.




Lavender A true a classic, lavender is just something I can’t stop using. I use it for cuts, burns, sleep, or any abrasions whatsoever. My friends even have a running count of how many times I say “put lavender on it” in one day. Lavender is known for it’s healing properties along with its relaxing properties, so a few drops into your bath with some epson salt will not only soothe your sore muscles but relax you before bed. I have found that when you put some on a cut it helps speed the healing process up. Lavender is also perfect in any essential oil diffuser that helps you wind down right before bed.

Valor Valor is a Young Living* blend of Black Spruce, Blue Tansy, and Frankincense. Valor is something I use many times a week. I use it for two main purposes: bruises and realignment of the spine. In terms of bruises, I find that putting a few drops of valor on my bruise makes it look physically better in minutes, while helping with pain relief in just a couple of hours. One or two drops on the bruise makes a big difference in pain and appearance. On top of that, I use valor to realign my spine, something very helpful for those of us who sit at desks for the majority of the day (shoutout to all the high school and college students). I usually get someone to put the oil on my back (thanks Mom!). I apply a few drops to the bottom of my feet and the up my spine and neck. When doing this make sure you let the oil set in for a few minutes, but after a good night of sleep you should be feeling brand new. Also, do not be startled if you see a small purplish tint after application, it will go away in a quick few minutes.

Deep Relief Deep Relief is also a Young Living* blend which consists of Peppermint, Wintergreen, Dorado Azul, and Helichrysum. The name pretty much explains itself, but I use Deep Relief on any sore muscles. Not only can you apply it to sore spots, but it also great to apply it to the back of your neck and temples so that you can inhale the relief, and feel instantly calmer.

*I use Young Living for all of my essential oils because I find that they are the most pure and effective essential oils on the market. However, if you are just starting off with essential oils and you do not want to make the big investment that Young Living calls for, feel free to use drugstore oils, just be mindful that they are not in their purest form. Valor and Deep Relief are both blends created by Young Living but you can find similar blends elsewhere as well.



I also like to experiment in my food with natural alternatives as a way to differ from the typical. Although this is definitely not something extremely unique, essential oils in my water is something I have recently been loving. It gives a wondrous flavor to any plain old drink, livening up any day. My two favorite combinations are peppermint oil and thieves (Clove, Lemon, Cinnamon, Eucalyptus Radiata, and Rosemary combo) with water, one to two drops is plenty. Peppermint oil and water don’t sound that appetizing but it literally tastes like you are eating chocolate peppermint, only this time you are getting hydrated and being filled with energy and positivity. Thieves (a Young Living Blend) makes your water taste like pumpkin spice, with an added boost of immune protection. Just make sure you are using as pure of an oil as you can find, as you will be drinking it.



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