IMG_0392.jpgSabine Waldeck – Health and Beauty Editor

I have never been someone who has been super into lucky charms. I only had some stupid lucky pair of underwear at age 7. But recently I have found something that I do consider lucky since I found it in a place I had the best time of my life. Recently I went on a trip to France as a sort of exchange program, and I loved every bit of it. While walking the streets of Paris i just happened to look down at an old man selling homemade jewelry to passer-by’s. I crouched down looking at the sprawled out array of earrings, necklace, bracelets, and rings, oh the lovely rings. As I ran my fingers across the smooth metal on each ring, I felt it, two knots on the ring stacked on top of each other. It was perfect. I grabbed the ring, asked how much, payed the slightly overpriced amount, but hey, it’s Paris. Then from there on out I have worn it every day and it has seemed my life has picked up. I usually lose every ring I have ever bought, but there is something different about this one, and the only word I can use to explain it is lucky.

Screen Shot 2017-03-04 at 7.22.59 PM.pngIsabel Monseau – Miscellaneous Editor 

All the “lucky charms” I’ve ever had were in the form of some sort of jewelry. I tend not to wear jewelry often, so I suppose any time I wear jewelry on a regular basis, it becomes comforting and “lucky” to me. This particular item is a watch given to me by a family friend. I’ve never had a working watch before, so I was surprised at how useful it was. Now I wear it nearly everyday, and being able to look down at my wrist and know the time is oddly relaxing. Because of this, I now think of it as my “lucky” watch and feel out of sorts when I’m not wearing it.

IMG_9967.jpgLourdes Zamora – Performing Arts Editor

As seen in this carefully staged photo, this ring has probably gone with me through everything. It was my grandmother’s ring which was given to me by my dad in 7th grade, and I’ve worn it everyday since. I’ve twiddled with this ring during presentations, nerve wracking first days of school, and just about everything else. I once forgot to put it on and honestly had such an anxiety ridden day since I didn’t have something familiar to reach more. I’d say it’s luck because it’s just always been there with me throughout all the good and the bad, so in some weird yin yang sort of way, it’s very balanced.

IMG_0383.jpgAnne Irving – Creative Arts Editor

This is my lucky charm. I wear it most days. It is an evil eye talisman made of opal. The evil eye is known throughout history to have powers to ward off evil curses said to be cast by an “evil stare”. This talisman is use worldwide for protection against misfortune. But I’m just such an evil conniving bitch, I need something to make sure it doesn’t come back to me.


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